How to distinguish a girl in Thailand


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Nine hours of flight, and from a cold, dank Moscow we find ourselves in fabulous Thailand. It's time to relax, bask on the beach, see amazing Buddhist temples, sit in one of the many bars, and meet a nice Thai woman. But here is where a surprise may await us.

To avoid getting into a juicy situation with a girl you like and not run away from her screaming, "She's a man!", you should learn to distinguish between young ladies and trannies.

In searching for an answer to this question, we will take a different path, so to speak, from the opposite direction. According to unofficial data, there are many trans people in Thailand, somewhere around 200,000. They are also called "third gender" people, which is a middle ground between a woman and a man.

Trannies in Thailand

If we approach the question more precisely, there is also a certain division. For example, transsexuals are people who change their gender through surgery. Transvestites are men who try to act and look like women while remaining men. In Thailand, both are called katoys or ladyboys. There is also a slang term "trannies.

"We have always been."

This phrase is from Richard Totman's book "The Third Sex" Katoys are the Ladyboys of Thailand, the answer of the katoys themselves to the question of their origins. And while for Europeans trans people are something exotic, unconventional, for the people of Thailand this class of people has always been part of their lives.

The third gender also appeared in ancient Buddhist manuscripts. The Buddha himself, in the sacred texts of the Tipitaka, preached a merciful and tolerant attitude toward katōyas who have to work out past sins in this life.

Traditionally in the West, the man is seen as the breadwinner, the head, and the woman the keeper of the home. In Thailand, the social roles between the sexes are erased. The right balance between one's sexual and social roles is important here, regardless of one's anatomical makeup. That is why not all trans people change sex, for them the outward signs are not as important as for Europeans.

Trannies in Thailand

Many tourists wonder, "Why is there a lot of trans people in Thailand? Their large number is due to the availability of plastic surgeries for sex reassignment. There are fewer bureaucratic hurdles. The traditional upbringing of children also plays a role, when boys and girls are not prevented from determining their gender. Some teenagers start taking hormonal drugs that are freely available. Also, a beautiful girl somewhere in a resort or service sector earns much more than an ordinary peasant or worker.

Who is who or the showdown in Thailand

Without some experience, it can be difficult to tell at once who is who on the streets of Pattaya or Bangkok. The male gaze and intuition do not work here.

How to tell a girl from a tranny

Trans people in Thailand are an exotic subject, not always understandable to the European mentality. But it is better to study this question in advance than to stay in the dark and get into an awkward situation.


There are some very beautiful women in Thailand. Bright as birds of paradise, they seem to be stars off the cover of popular magazines. If you are not Johnny Depp or, at the very least, a member of the Thai royal family, you might want to think twice.

You should be alarmed:

  • High stature

Like many Asian girls, girls in Thailand are small and petite. A grenadier height plus a high platform can give away a "lurking" tranny.

  • Attractiveness

Many ladyboys undergo plastic surgery to perfect their appearance. Ordinary Thai women are not as beautiful and are not into plastic surgery.

  • The fascination with cosmetics

If your girlfriend in the morning in the war paint, constantly looking in the mirror, looking for flaws, then most likely you are not communicating with a natural girl.

  • Clothing

Many trannies like bright "plumage": shiny fabrics and jewelry, high-heeled shoes. But it's harder to spot a suspicious person among a flock of pretty girls dressed in simple tops, miniskirts, and flip-flops.

transgender Thailand how to find out

  • Figure

Narrow hips, broad shoulders - a purely male figure sometimes can't be hidden under a shiny dress. Many trannies, in order to stay in shape as long as possible, take great care of their figures. But they don't get cellulite. If you see cute fatty wrinkles on your butt, that means you're dealing with a girl.

At close range

Now let's take a closer look at the girl or whoever is in front of us. After all, it is rightly said that men love with their eyes. Only it is worth keeping this look more sober and unclouded. So as not to nod that the eye is "sober":

  1. Arms and legs. Even with sex reassignment surgery, it's hard to hide your size 43 feet in your shoes. And the most beautiful and well-groomed large palms will still give away the presence of male hormones.
  2. Caddy. This is one of the main differences between men and women. But if the surgery was done several years ago, the Adam's apple may not be so prominent anymore.
  3. Chest. Many macho men won't miss an opportunity to touch a new girlfriend's breasts, especially if they are quite impressive. But there may be an ambush lurking here as well. Many trannies today are in no hurry to get a sixth-size bust. A skinny girl a la teenager can look very sexy.
  4. Genitalia. Not all trannies have the opportunity to have their genitals removed. Even in tolerant Thailand it is an expensive operation. That's why trannies have to hide their dicks under their underwear. But if you are seduced by a beautiful woman and do not feel anything outstanding, it does not mean that you are a hundred percent woman.

Interrogation with passion

Ordinary girls in Thailand are somewhat more modest than their "brothers" who have taken on the female role. So if a beauty starts to pester, hinting at intimacy, holding you with an iron grip and dragging you aside in spite of your 90 kg, the question of who the ladyboys are, falls away by itself.

But as a safety precaution, you can ask:

  • Documents

And why not ask the girl to show you her ID card in a nice conversation? All adults in the country are required to carry an ID-card - a passport that indicates gender. Men will have นาย on their ID card, women will have นางสาว. A person of the third gender is written as นางสาว in the passport. Only you should not demand ausvais in a row from all the beauties you meet.

id card in thailand

  • "Are you trans?"

An ordinary girl might be offended by such a question. Katoi sometimes defiantly prove what beautiful ladies they are. Or they start beating their breasts, often unnatural, loudly insulting and calling everyone as witnesses.

Trans people in Thailand: Life as a movie

While Europeans find a lot of things strange, and they all agonize over how to tell a girl from a tranny, in Thailand there is a fairly tolerant attitude toward Catholics. They work in the usual areas we are used to: in catering, on television, in shopping malls, cabarets and bars. PC Air was the first airline to hire ladyboys as flight attendants. One of them, Thanyarat Jiraphatpakorn, even won the title of Miss Tiffany 2007.

Miss Tiffany's Universe thailand

The Miss International Queen and Miss Tiffany's Universe beauty contests are held annually in Pattaya, where the most beautiful trannies in Thailand gather. Among the participants there are singers, models, students, athletes. And Yoladda Suanjot has even joined the government of Nan Province with a degree in political science. Among the most famous trannies is Nong Thum, former world champion in Thai boxing.

Nong Tum Katoi

Many films are made in Thailand about the life of the Katoi. In 2000, the film "Iron Lady" was released, telling the real story of the transmuge volleyball team from Lampang province. In 2003, the film "Beautiful Boxer" about the same Nong Tum was made. Trans people also make movies themselves.

Already in February in Thailand begin colorful festivals and celebrations, such as the Flower Festival in Chiang Mai. When visiting this beautiful country in search of new experiences, do not forget our tips. And when getting to know Mali (jasmine), Ubon (lily) and Sumali (flowers), try not to run into some former Tuantong (golden spear) diligently impersonating a girl.

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