Fines and penalties for drugs in Thailand

Fines and penalties for drugs in Thailand

Distributing and taking drugs in Thailand is a serious crime, for which you can get a serious term of imprisonment, and in especially large amounts - the penalty up to the death penalty.


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Thailand has a lot of entertainment, which has been successfully mastered by tourists from all over the world. This country is also popular among fans of sex tourism and distant Asian exoticism. However, Thailand has features characteristic of most Asian countries - despotism, cruelty, severity to those who break the law.

drugs in thailand

Drugs are one of the most serious crimes, so the punishment for distribution and use is severe for any offender. Thailand's prisons are a serious challenge for foreigners - the conditions in them are close to extreme, because the climate here is quite difficult and the conditions for the spread of disease are very suitable - malaria, typhoid and other infections are common here, and at the same time the standard of living is very low. For those who are going to visit Thailand for the first time, we advise to read the article: Vaccinations for travel to Thailand.


The widespread proliferation of drugs makes it necessary to combat this in harsh ways, which still do not stop many Thais on their way to easy profits, although the fines here are insane - up to 100,000 baht (2800$).

fines in thailand

Europe - the Netherlands, Belgium, and other Western countries are very tolerant of marijuana, which is considered a light drug. They believe that its use does not entail serious harm to health. But there are no easy drugs - they are addictive, interfere with normal life, and have an extremely negative impact on the psyche.

It is quite another matter in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore or Malaysia - if the court finds you guilty, the term can be limited not only to a heavy fine, but also to going to jail for a long time.

Despite this, for the purchase of drugs on the streets of Bangkok, as well as most other major cities, buying psychotropic substances is not particularly difficult - you will be approached directly on the street, will offer their services - you will be available drugs of various "striking power".

drug distribution

The use of marijuana for personal purposes, strictly punishable by Thai law - this crime is punishable by a hefty fine - from 50,000 to 100,000 baht (1400-2800$), or imprisonment of up to 1 year.

Selling light drugs - in case your guilt is proven - will permanently shut you out of Thailand.

You should keep in mind that the drug is often offered by distributors who cooperate with law enforcement, Buying drugs from people you don't know can have a big impact on your life. It is quite another matter when it comes to LSD, heroin and other drugs.

The transportation, possession, and sale of highly potent synthetic psychotropic substances on a large scale can end badly, up to and including the death penalty. Such crimes are severely suppressed, and this does not make them less willing.

Although the measures against the spread of psychotropic substances are truly draconian, drugs are still widespread in Thailand.

Therefore, a trip to Thailand can be devoted to the most interesting places, but do not spend all the days in a drug binge, because the use is systematic, and do you really want to delirium to spend a long-awaited vacation?


For many, Thailand is a place of very distinctive Asian culture, as well as an attempt to unravel the soul of the mysterious ancient East. But this is an occupation for those who consider themselves highly moral people. Most often, they come here for fun, easy sex, the desire for memories of a perfectly spent vacation.


But for drugs here can go to jail for a very long time. Also, as in many other countries of Southeast Asia, for the distribution and use of drugs hapless tourists can face the ultimate penalty - the death penalty.

In Thailand will not be long to sort it out - they can easily throw you in a stinking and overcrowded prison, but to get out of it will be very difficult, so preventive measures will be mandatory.

Bangkok, as well as other major resort cities, is literally teeming with all kinds of activities. At the same time, the dangers that lie in wait for you can be very diverse.

drugs police

Local law enforcement agencies are remarkably aware of the distribution centers of psychotropic substances, often, in the midst of fun, the police come to the revelers, offering to take the necessary blood tests for the presence of narcotics in the blood.

If you are unlucky and you still want to relax in a distant country, it can lead to two types of consequences of varying severity:

  • Pay off a huge amount of 50-100 thousand baht (1400-2800$). Bribes are also very common in Thailand;
  • They will take you to the station, where you will explain to no avail for a long time where the drug came from in your body.

Drugs by severity of consequences

According to the severity of the effects, drugs can be divided into the following groups:

  • Heroin, ecstasy and LSD will leave you in a distant Asian country for at least 3 years at best, depending on the amount of drug found on you, the term can vary;
  • Cocaine, morphine, codeine - the same minimum term of imprisonment and a fine of up to 100 thousand baht (2800$);
  • Opiates and other powerful tranquilizers can keep you in the country for up to 2 years;
  • The mildest punishment - up to 1 year in prison and a fine of 100,000 baht (2800$) - is for the use and distribution of hashish and marijuana, the so-called "light" types of drugs.

Experience suggests that the number of drug offers on the streets is so great that every more or less sensible person should think for at least a second - is it not a trap? The situation among Thais in this respect is extremely tense - even the harsh measures that the law provides for do not always help.

Important advice for beginners- It's a death sentence to use drugs in Thailand, and it really is. A fabulous vacation can easily turn into a terrible dream with an incomprehensible denouement - there may be no one to save you in a far eastern country.

The trap for almost anyone here can slam shut at an alarming rate. Considering the strictness of local laws, read the prescription of the medicine you take carefully - the narcotic substances in it can cost you a great deal!

Holland and Thailand are two completely different worlds, so it's better to take precautions and carefully consider all the details of the trip, so as not to regret your recklessness bitterly. Of course, smoking in Thailand on every corner - but most often it's not a drug, but ordinary cheap cigarettes or homegrown tobacco - the police are feared like fire.

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