About the project

Thailand-trip.org - is a cognitive and informational Internet project for tourists and travelers. The project is based on the model of sharing experiences, knowledge and events related to Thailand. We want to help you learn as much as possible about the characteristics of the country to which you are going, to avoid problems that may await you upon arrival.

We gather the most relevant and interesting information for you to be able to plan your vacation, so that a trip to Thailand you have only good memories!

Our goals

  • To unite in one place as many people as possible interested in Thailand.
  • Create as many interesting and useful thematic services as possible.
  • Form the largest database of thematic materials, for users of the resource.

Problems you may encounter in Thailand

  • Incorrect travel itinerary;
  • Ignorance of the language and culture of the country;
  • Inability to navigate prices;
  • Transportation tricks of Thai drivers;
  • Imposed by guides or travel agencies expensive excursions;
  • Health problems;
  • Visa issues, medical insurance;
  • You were involved in an accident;
  • Job Search in Thailand.

If you want to make sure that none of these problems do not spoil your vacation, then read our collected material, and go on a trip, ready for anything.

What you will find on our website

  • What sights to visit: temples, museums, palaces, sculptures;
  • How to have fun in Thailand: nightlife, dating, sports, shopping and more;
  • Where to find the best beaches;
  • How to rent, car and even get a driver's license;
  • How to choose a hotel or rent a bungalow on the island;
  • How to get a visa and prepare for a trip to Thailand;
  • How to keep money, and what to do so you will not be robbed;
  • How to rest inexpensively in Thailand;
  • How to find hitchhikers;
  • How to travel around the country.

On our website you will find answers to the most common questions asked by both experienced travelers and newcomers. We have come up with a simple and easy way for you to enter the world of the exciting Kingdom of Thailand.