Telephone Codes in Thailand and How to Call Thailand

Telephone Codes in Thailand and How to Call Thailand

Before you call Thailand, you need to understand the general principle of making international calls. The local telephone system in any country is integrated with the international one.

Each country has a specific code - by dialing it, we tell the operator the direction of the call. Each city within a country has its own unique code, which is used to forward the call to the local number.

Thailand Code - 66

This is what you need to dial for all calls to Thailand from abroad. The dialing methodology is different for calls from landlines and cell phones.

From stationary to stationary

Landline phones in any country are connected to the public telephone system. To reach the international level of telephony you need to give an additional set of commands:

  • in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan: 8 (beep) 10 (beep)
  • in Ukraine: 0 (beep) 0 (beep)

If the call is to a landline phone, then after that you need to dial the city code and phone number. There are a total of 8 digits, of which the city code is 1-2 digits, the phone number is 7-6 digits. The first digit 0 before the area code is not dialed. For example, in the number of the stationary phone located on the island of Samui - 077 601 371 - area code (city) - 77, the phone number - 601371.

The first 0, with which the city code begins, is never typed: it is written to comply with the form. At first glance, this may seem incongruous. In reality, this standard of writing numbers helps you perceive and remember them correctly along with the code. You just know that any full number in Thailand is always 9 characters. Where there are 8, the first is 0.

Table. Telephone codes of cities and provinces in Thailand.

Chiang Mai53
Hua Hin32
Surat Thani (including islands)77
Krabi (including islands)75
о. Phuket76


If you need to call Phuket from Russia, call (076) 385 000. Dial:

  • 8-10-66-76385000

From landline to mobile

The sequence of dialing is the same:

  • Intercity access;
  • access to the international network;
  • Thailand code.

Then a 9-digit phone number is immediately dialed instead of the area code. Of these, the first digit is always 8 or 9.


To call (894) 711173 from Ukraine, you need to dial:

  • 0-0-66-894711173

From Mobile

Cell phones do not belong to the city network, so when you call abroad, you do not need to dial commands to reach the intercity and international network. When calling a landline number, the country code and 8 digits (city code and phone number) are dialed. When calling a mobile number, you dial the country code and 9 digits (operator code and phone number)


To call from abroad to a landline number in Thailand (076) 385 000, you need to dial:

  • 6676385000

To call from another country to a mobile number in Thailand (894) 711173, dial:

  • 66894711173

Alternative ways of communication

The use of telephone services for long-distance calls over long distances can be expensive. For example, a minute of call to Thailand from the European part of Russia at a major fixed-line operator will cost more than 0.7$. Prices for Russian mobile operators are even higher - more than 0.8$ per minute.

Modern technology allows consumers to significantly save on calls. We are talking about Internet telephony (ip-telephony), the services of which are provided by numerous companies. Their prices are about the same: the cost per minute of a call does not exceed 0.04$ in the daytime and 2-3 times less at night.

When using alternative methods of telephony, the code of Thailand remains the same - 66, the codes of cities, provinces and mobile operators - also. Otherwise, you must follow the instructions of the communication service when dialing the phone number.

In the age of smartphones and public Internet, the easiest and cheapest way to communicate with relatives is Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and other messengers. In the first case, you can not only hear the other person, but also see, and secondly, it's free.

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