Airports in Thailand: military, domestic and international

Thailand's airports are called the air gateway of the country - there are more than 50. There are nine international airports, two of which are in Bangkok. We will tell you about the most touristy ones.

Revenues from tourism account for a significant part of the state budget of this exotic country. Therefore, it is impossible to overestimate the role of airports. The flow of tourists here never dries up.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi - the new largest airport in the kingdom. It has been in operation since 2006. The name translates as "Golden Land". So he christened it the king, in memory of the legendary kingdom. The Thais have a legend that the "Golden Land" was in what is now Thailand. You may hear the name of the airport in other sounds: Suanaphum, Suvannapum.

This is the main airport of the country, which is located 25 km east of the national capital. Its annual passenger traffic is more than 47 million people. It occupies an area of 3,000 hectares. It has two runways. It serves both international and domestic flights. Their terminals are separated for passenger convenience.

Suvarnabhumi terminals

The airport covers an area of 3,000 hectares

This air harbor is characterized by the originality of the Thai-style design layout, but built using modern technology. The airport meets the highest world standards. Impressive is the huge terminal - the third largest in the world and the most high at the world's control tower is 132.2 meters high. The huge airport is also unusually confusing. Throughout the entire area you will find convenient and clear signposts.


The airport meets the highest world standards.

All international airports in Thailand provide approximately the same list of services. Here you will find various currency exchangers. The exchange rate in them is not favorable, so change the required minimum ($50-100). The main amount is better to exchange in the bank. In Thailand, when exchanging currency, the rate for large denominations of currency is higher than for small denominations.

On the territory of the station there are a sufficient number of ATMs, they are called ATMs, here you can cash out or exchange money in Thailand. Standard bank cards such as Visa, Master Card. Also, all ATMs have a fixed fee for cash withdrawal - 150-180 baht and a limit on the maximum amount of withdrawal - 20-30 thousand baht. The commission is constant. ATMs will always give you baht, no matter what currency you have on your card.

Change only the amount of money you are willing to part with today.

In the hall you can get free SIM card for domestic use, you need to provide your passport to get one. It is better to take cards with a recharged account. You will also find: post office, telephone, Internet, many cafes, stores. Prices for goods are overpriced, like at all the stations. Nearby is a hotel "Novotel"which is part of the airport structure.

From the airport you can leave by bus to Bangkok, neighboring cities or provinces of Thailand. Buses and cabs are at your service. The BTS SkyTrain elevated city subway line awaits you at ground level of the station. It takes seventeen minutes to reach the city by this route.

Dong Muang Airport (Myang)

It is the second metropolitan airport in the state. Until 2006, it was considered the main airport of the country. It is located in Dong Myang 24 kilometers north of Bangkok.

Don Muang airport

Don Muang International Airport, Bangkok, Thailand.

Today it operates cargo charter and domestic commercial flights, and there is also an international line. There are representative offices of all airlines popular among tourists. It is the most budget airport in the kingdom.

Phuket Airport

This interchange is based in the north of Thailand's largest island, Mai Beach. Khao. 30 km away is the city of Phuket Town. This second most important airport in the country has been successfully operating international and domestic flights for more than 20 years.

Phuket airport

The second most important airport in Thailand.

Its three-story building was built in a modern style, equipped with two terminals: local, for domestic traffic, and international.

Phuket airport

Phuket Island Airport is the most comfortable and popular means of transportation.

Until Phuket Town The bus is direct, but you have to change to other parts of the island. In front of the terminal - all the stops. If you arrived on vacation on a tourist package, you will be taken to the hotel by a special bus, this service is included in the payment of the tour.

The fastest way to Phuket, of course, is by cab. If you are not traveling alone, which is less expensive get around By cab, for 800 baht Toyota camry will take you to the specified place.

Samui Airport

This air gateway of Thailand is located on the island of the same name. SamuiThe ferry is not far from the ferry crossing. It is from here that the ferry will take you to Koch Island Phangan to the traditional monthly world-famous party "Full Moon Party". It takes place during the full moon for three nights.

Samui Airport

The atmosphere inside is cozy and almost home-like.

This is a private airport owned by Banqkok Airways. There are no budget ticket prices here. The airport has been in operation since 1989.

Its location is very good, it is the center of the archipelago, which has about 80 islands.

Samui airport

This tiny airport is on every list of the most beautiful airports in the world

The airport building is designed in the form of an ancient gazebo. It is a paradise with flowers in well-kept flowerbeds, exotic plants, and the opportunity to wait for a flight in the open air.

Utapao Airport

43 km from the city Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand is the location of this international-class airport. In the past it functioned as a U.S. military base, which was used during the Vietnam War. Today it is still listed as a strategic facility, so it has no cab service.

In the building of the station, in addition to traditional services, jewelry store, restaurant, Internet Cafe, travel agency. From here you can fly to Phuket and Samui.

Chiang Mai International Airport

It is the largest air harbor in northern Thailand. The airport serves both military flights and commercial traffic. It is the third busiest airport in the country. Chiang Mai is closed for flights from midnight to five in the morning.

Chiang Mai Airport

Chiang Mai Airport is ranked 4th among the best airports in the world with an annual turnover of up to 5 million passengers. .

It has one terminal divided into two areas - for international and domestic flights. All international flights are in accordance with the airport schedule Suvarnabhumi.

Krabi and Hatiai Airports

Krabi is located fifteen kilometers from the city Krabi. Its international terminal was opened only in 2006. Using its services, you can fly to Bangkok, Singapore and a number of other cities in the region.

Airport Hatiai is located in the south of the country, nine kilometers from the city Hatiai.

Other civilian airports in Thailand deal with domestic traffic. The most famous among them are: Trat, Buriram, Chiang Rai, Hua Hin, Lom Sak, Mae Sot, and Bhumibol Dames. Their names are consonant with the names of the cities or provinces in which they are located. There are also very small airports, such as Surat Thani, Surin, Trang, Tuck, Udon Thani, Ubonratchathani, Uttaradite.


Military airports

Thailand's military airports are used by the government as air bases for the Royal Air Force, or their runways are dedicated to the Royal Navy. Such airports include. Surat ThaniIt was built 30 km west of the city Surat Thani и Chanthaburi - in the province of the same name.

Airports on the map of Thailand

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