Fish of Thailand - fishing and unique representatives of the underwater world

Fish of Thailand - fishing and unique representatives of the underwater world


Thailand is a tropical paradise for many tourists. Sandy beaches, wide coasts and a large number of lakes and rivers attract divers and fishermen from all over the world. But what is the underwater world of Thailand's depths?

Sea fish of the Thai kingdom

Fishing in Thailand is popular both as entertainment for tourists and as one of the main branches of the industry. For decades, Thailand has been supplying seafood all over the world, even ahead of Norway. In addition, on the islands of Racha Noi, Racha Yai and the Andaman coast of Phuket during the so-called quiet season (from September to March) sport fishing competitions are organized.

saltwater fishing

Result of sea fishing

One of the reasons for the popularity of fishing on Thai coasts is that the Andaman Sea, which washes over Thailand, is rich in exotic fish species. You can catch them here:

  • Giant Caranx;
  • Giant Grouper;
  • Yellowfin Tuna;
  • Sailfish;
  • Barracuda;
  • Marlin;
  • Kobia;
  • Wahoo;
  • Sharks of various species, etc.

All the fish in Thailand are different from those that live in our area, so, going on a fishing or diving, it is worth studying them in detail so you know what you have to deal with.


This fish has a real tropical beauty. It can be identified by the large fin on its back, which resembles a sail. Adult specimens can weigh more than a pound. Nevertheless, even such prey is not desired by fishermen, because they cannot keep it for themselves because of the relevant laws. Sailfish live in the Indian or Pacific Oceans and occasionally appear off Thai shores.




This is a whole family of fish, including two species: black marlin and blue marlin. Externally, representatives of the family slightly resemble swordfish. Contributes to this visual deception bone outgrowth on the nose, resembling the shape of a dagger. But marlins are significantly larger.

Black marlins are considered one of the largest fish in the entire world's oceans. There are even specimens up to four meters in length! Inexperienced anglers, of course, with catching such a large fish can not cope, so on the coast of Phuket are constantly working instructors ready to teach you how to hunt for marlin.

marlin fish

Marlin fish


The spiny pelamid, also known as wahoo, belongs to the mackerel family. It is significantly inferior in size to the two previously presented species, but it is still considered quite large. The average specimen weighs about 60 kg at a size of 1.5 meters. Wahoo meat is very tasty, so it can often be found in recipes for various national Thai dishes. Spiny pelamid can be caught in the Gulf of Thailand, it is also found in the Andaman Sea.

wahoo fish

Wahoo fish

Yellowfin Tuna

Tuna gets its name from its fins, which stand out with yellow-orange specks against the silvery gray torso. Among the tuna family, this species is the largest. It can weigh up to 200 kilograms. The meat of the yellowfin tuna is very tasty and is best suited for cooking sushi. But tuna is of interest not only to gourmets but also to sport fishermen, because without catching at least one fish one cannot get a fishing qualification.


Yellowfin Tuna

Giant Caranx

The trevally, or giant caranx, lives in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It belongs to the horse mackerel family, standing out against the background of congeners giant size. Because of this, it is often called a giant horse mackerel.

Giant Caranx

Giant Caranx


One of the most popular fish in the industry is considered dorado. Usually their size does not exceed one meter with a weight of about 15 kg. In addition to tasty meat, they are also characterized by their usual bright coloring for tropical sea creatures. The golden sides, red belly and yellow fins make it easy to track dorado.


Golden dorado


The sea pike barracuda resembles freshwater pike in both its predatory habits and appearance. The size of the sea pike, however, exceeds that of its freshwater counterparts. The size of the barracuda sometimes reaches 2 meters. But, surprisingly, it is the small fish that is more prized. The fact is that it is much tastier.


Even an inexperienced person can recognize a swordfish. The characteristic shape of the nose immediately attracts attention and hints at the danger. And, indeed, swordfish is one of the most dangerous sea fish, and hunting for it can easily turn into a hunt for you.

It is known that if you want it can ram a boat with its bow, so catch it alone, especially without experience, is not recommended.



Giant Grouper

The giant grouper really lives up to its name, reaching 600 kg at a mature age. It belongs to the perch family. In Thailand, it can be seen in the waters near the island of Phuket. But it is strictly forbidden to catch it, as the giant grouper is an endangered species and its capture is punishable.

Grouper yellow

Yellow Grouper


Nigrita, or cobia as well as dorado, is a popular commercial fish. The meat of the nigrita is delicious, so it is highly prized. Cobia in Thailand live not only in the wild, but also grown artificially in a kind of fenced aquariums, created directly in the sea.


Sea cobia


In the sea waters off the coast of Thailand sharks can be found quite often. The most famous specimens that live there are the blacktip shark, bull shark and tiger shark. But this proximity of dangerous creatures does not affect the number of divers.


Blackfin shark

Freshwater fish of Thailand

It is not only the sea waters that amaze tourists with the diversity of marine life. Thailand is home to many freshwater lakes and rivers, which also have a lot to see and hunt. Among the Thai freshwater inhabitants can be found:

  • Arapaimu;
  • Catfish;
  • Giant Siamese Carp;
  • Crocodilogolov;
  • Snakehead;
  • Scata;
  • Giant Mekong catfish and others.

The most popular among fishermen are the giant Mekong catfish (recently banned from catching due to a sharp decline in population) and crocodilehead, which attracts tourists with its unusual appearance, and gourmands and restaurateurs with its delicious meat.

Mekong catfish

Giant Mekong catfish



Dangerous Fish of Thailand

The diversity of the underwater world of Thailand surprises tourists so much that sometimes they forget that some of the sea creatures can be dangerous. The most famous of the dangerous fish are, of course, sharks. But besides them, the life of a careless diver or fisherman can also be threatened:

  • Moraenas;
  • Wings;
  • Devil scorpions and scorpionfish;
  • Rockfish.

Of course, they do not occur often, but still, it is better to be prepared for such a far from pleasant meeting.

 Moray eels

These members of the aquatic world have strong jaws that can easily bite through human skin. As a rule, moray eels do not attack without a reason, and if they are not threatened in any way, they are not to be feared. But moray eels are easily provoked and any wrong move can provoke an attack.


Marine moray eels


Compared to moray eels, winged whales are not very dangerous. Attacking, they sting the victim with their poisonous fins, which, of course, will not kill a man, but will leave the memory of the meeting for a long time. In general, the winged eagles are quite calm and if you do not swim too close to them, the attack can not be feared.


Winged fish


Like wingsnails, the scorpionfish attacks with venomous spurs. They are located on its back. But the main difference between the winged fish and the scorpionfish is that the latter can kill people with its venom. Even more dangerous it makes the ability to camouflage. She hides on the seabed among the coral reefs, preferring to attack unexpectedly. Even more venomous devil scorpion. But it's also less common.




Rockfish also excels at camouflage skills. She hides among the boulders, so diving near coral reefs, you must be careful. She attacks by using poisonous spikes, which are on her back. The danger of such an encounter is justified by the fact that the poison is deadly for humans, and there is no antidote. Therefore, after a few hours of suffering, the person dies.

fish stone

Fish stone

As you can see, Thailand's underwater world is as rich as its flora. The bright exotic fish and giant specimens that inhabit the sea and fresh water attract tourists and residents of the kingdom. But do not be deceived by the attractive appearance and let your guard down while diving or fishing.

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