Durian fruit and jackfruit - useful properties and features of the fruit


The most popular fruits in Thailand that are not eaten by foreigners are durian and jackfruit.

We can immediately say that there are two groups of eaters of these fruits: some adore them and are ready to eat them daily, someone hates them fiercely, for the aromas of which they can even cause a gag reflex.


Durian ("thu-ryan") is the local fruit king. The fruit is unusual, and tasty, and smelly at the same time. As it matures, the stink of durians only increases. It is a conglomeration of pungent chemical smells with the addition of the smell of moldy onions and interspersed with the smell of turpentine. But only its studded skin stinks like that, and the several slices of durian pulp located inside are sweet and juicy.


It is worth knowing that with a purchase on the market from 100 baht (2.9$) per 1 kg durian, you will not be allowed into public places, taxis, hotels. The reason is that its pungent smell is literally absorbed into all surrounding objects. You will have to clean it outdoors. Thais often sell durian peeled and packaged in containers and bowls. But, if you have a desire to enjoy the process of cleaning it yourself, then you need to choose the right fruit.

Soft durian can be spoiled inside, very hard - still green, and slightly yielding when pressed - that's it. From the first time, few people like durian, it is one of those products that you need to get used to.

Durian has a number of useful properties:

  • First of all, it is very hearty, but it does not contain cholesterol.
  • Secondly, the fruit restores the level of insulin, which regulates blood sugar.
  • Third, durian has in its composition sulfur, which promotes the formation of protein and regulation of human body hormones.

But at the same time, it is sulfur and indole (a substance that has an antibacterial effect) that are the source of the unpleasant odor coming from the fruit.

Durian can be treated differently, but it leads among other fruits in the content of amino acids, vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, antioxidants, organic sulfur. Durian is very popular among men, Asians consider it indispensable for increasing potency. You can buy it all year round, but the most delicious fruits are from April to September.

Be carefulDurian can increase blood pressure, especially when mixed with alcohol. Do not abuse, everything is good in moderation.


Jackfruit ("kha-nun") is a breadfruit, reaching 30 kilograms of weight. Look at the photo to better imagine its description. The jackfruit is pear-shaped, covered entirely with green thorns, when mature it is grey-brown and the thorns are less pronounced. The seeds of the fruit are edible.


They have a cloyingly sweet taste and are highly nutritious. The internal partitions, fibrous tissue and peel of the jackfruit contain a lot of milky juice. It is characterized by pronounced properties of stickiness and viscosity. Sticks to everything, can only be washed with oil. Our tourists, who dared to buy a whole fruit, butcher it in clothes and gloves that they would not be sorry to throw away.

Useful properties of this caloric fruit:

  • Rich in vitamins A, B, C and trace elements;
  • Magnesium and folic acid strengthen blood vessel walls and help lower blood pressure.

It is worth knowing that the ripeness of the fruit is determined by the smell (rotten onions). Most often, jackfruit is sold already peeled and packaged in bowls. The price ranges from 80 baht (2.3$) per kilo.

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