Chiang Mai International Airport

Chiang Mai International Airport

Chiang Mai is an international airport, one of the largest airports in Thailand and the main hub of air communication with southern China, Malaysia, Laos, Taiwan and others. It serves military flights and commercial flights.

The airport currently serves seven international and six domestic airlines (that's more than 15,000 flights and 2.2 million people annually). Fifty-one airlines worldwide fly to this airport. Rarely, charters appear on the Chiang Mai schedule.

Commercial traffic is served by no less famous airport - Chiang Rai, located from Chiang Mai at a distance of 155 km .

ChiangmaiAirportChiang Mai operates from 5 a.m. to midnight (correspondingly, from midnight to 0500 hours it is closed for receiving aircraft). The airport schedule is designed according to local time.


  • Location altitude: 316 meters above sea level.
  • Operation of one runway.
  • Band size: 3100x45 meters.
  • Surface: asphalt.
  • There is one passenger terminal (for domestic and international flights).
  • Chiang Rai also has only one terminal for passengers.
  • There are 16 parking spaces for planes.

How to get to the airport

The distance to Chiang Mai city center is 2 kilometers. It can be covered in just 15 minutes by cab. The price of a cab is 160 baht (5$). You can order a limousine directly to the airport. Limousine ordering service is located on the first floor opposite the international and domestic arrivals hall.

Contacts: +(66 53) 92-21-72,

The address is: Chiang Mai International Airport, 60 Sanambin Road, Suthep Distrct Amphoe Muang, Chaing Mai Province 50200, Thailand

The airport is also served by special passenger cars, the most convenient (and least expensive) is the red songhteo (passenger pickup truck), which can be easily caught all over the city, the price is 15-20 baht. The main advantage: the ability to move at low cost.

It is possible to use tuk-tuks - motorized three-wheeled vehicles. The disadvantage: the inability to move with luggage, the price of 50-60 baht. The price of a cab ride, almost anywhere in the city 90-100 baht.

Services provided by Chiang Mai

On the two floors of the airport are various services designed to make the passengers' stay here optimally comfortable. On the first floor there are lockers, pharmacies, travel agencies and offices (desks). On the second floor - Emergency medical care. The medical center is open from 08.00 to 23.00;

Chiang Mai Duty Free

There are small bookstores on both floors. You can also find food kiosks, small cafes, a restaurant, a sports bar, and snack bars. Chiang Rai Airport provides exactly the same services.

Where to park the car

On the territory of the airport there is a parking area of 12,884 m². Capacity: 447 spaces for vehicles.


The price of parking (the same as in Chiang Rai):

  • The first 8 minutes are free;
  • Up to 30 minutes - 10 baht (0.30$);
  • 31 m - 1.30 h - 20 baht (0.60$);
  • 1.31 h - 2.30 h - 30 baht (0, 85$);
  • 2.31 h - 3.30 h - 40 baht (1.15$);
  • 3.31 h - 6 h - 100 baht (2.85$);
  • 6.01 h - 24 h - 200 baht (5.70$).

Free Services: Wi-Fi - Free for 2 hours per day (same system at Chiang Rai airport). People with disabilities Chiang Mai offers the use of special facilities: parking, elevator, toilet, public phone.

Airport passenger check-in

Check-in for the flight starts 2 hours before departure. It ends 40 minutes before departure. You can check in for the flight only if you have a ticket for the flight and a passport.

E-tickets have been gaining in popularity lately. A passenger with such a ticket only needs a passport to check in.

Please note:

Passengers with pets must inform the Office. You will be advised and familiarized with the established rules.


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