Nature of Thailand - jungles, waterfalls, nature reserves and parks

The exotic nature of Thailand attracts everyone with its diversity and amazing beauty. On the territory of the kingdom you can find lakes, mountains, waterfalls, rainforests and jungles.

The country itself is located on two peninsulas, one on Indochina and the other on Malaya. The shores of Thailand are washed by two seas: the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea.

The climate on the island is tropical, and the year consists of only three seasons:

  • Thai summer. Lasts from March to May. It is characterized by very hot weather;
  • Cold period. It lasts from May to November. During this time, monsoons bring heavy rains to the country;
  • Warm period. Lasts from November to March. It is during this season a large number of tourists come to Thailand, as the weather at this time is warm, no rain.

As for the topography of Thailand, the country is conventionally divided into five regions: the Northeast Plateau, the Southern region, the Southeast, the Northern Highlands and the Central Plains. Soils in Thailand are different, depending on the location: red soils in the north, alluvial and meadow soils in the river valleys, red earth soils in the mountainous area, and podzolized lateritic soils in the southern part.

The Jungle and Wildlife of Thailand

The Thai jungle covers 60 % of territory, i.e., most of the kingdom. They are real thickets of teak and mahogany, bamboo, xylia, palms, ficus, and all kinds of fruit trees and wild flowers.


Thailand's Unseen Jungle

In total, you can find more than 500 species of different trees and 25,000 different species of flowers in Thailand. Animals such as tigers, tapirs, leopards, bamboo bears, elephants, rhinoceroses, etc. are found in such rich wildlife.


Smoky leopard habitat


Monkeys of the Kingdom of Thailand

There are also more than a thousand species of birds, from flamingos to parrots of all colors and sizes.


The Siamese lo-fur has been selected as Thailand's national bird

Exploring the nature of Thailand on your own is risky enough. It is best to explore the wilderness in the company of an experienced guide. Thailand, whose nature really delights travelers, offers many excursions and trips to the wild jungle.

You can go for a swim on the River Kwai, or take a walk through the forest hills and trails, exploring the Thai landscape. In addition, the nature of this country can be explored in a safer environment. For example, in gardens or zoos.

National parks and reserves

Another way to safely explore Thailand's wildlife is through national parks and various nature reserves. They are located throughout Thailand and allow you to admire different parts of the country. In total, there are more than 50 nature reserves and national parks in the kingdom, which together occupy 25,000 square kilometers.

One of the most popular is Erawan National Park. The park consists of seven tiers, and it is home to Erawan Waterfall, which impresses all travelers with its wild beauty.

Another one of the parks that offers the opportunity to admire the nature and animals is Khao Yai. It is located 200 km from Bangkok. On its territory are also several waterfalls. Tourists are also encouraged to explore the mountain peaks.

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Erawan Falls, impresses all travelers with its wild beauty.

For fans of more extreme entertainment you can choose one of the reserves, located in the mountains. Walking on mountain paths and slopes in the natural habitat of wild animals will give you a lot of emotions and adrenaline. You can do this in Doi Inthanon National Park.

It is located in the province of Chiang Mai. The mountains there are 2,565 meters above sea level. At an altitude of 1,800 meters there are beautiful forests, where wild orchids and lichen grow.


Wild orchids in the rainforest

There are also several waterfalls just below. The park is not just a place for tourists to visit, but also home to the Meo and Karen hill tribes who live in the villages built there.


The village of the mountain peoples of Meo

Hot springs are also popular. Most of them are located in a forest area. So there you can not only relax and heal in the hot water, but also see many trees and birds and animals that live in this environment.

In addition, Thailand has many parks and nature reserves, which provide an opportunity to admire the richness of the underwater world. One of them is Samet Island in Rayong Province. Despite its small size, it is very colorful. The park is surrounded by coral reefs and beautiful beaches.


The richness of the underwater world

Divers and lovers of relaxing beach holidays will certainly like it here. Tarutao National Park, located in Satun Province, is also suitable for scuba diving. Its territory is limited to 51 islands. Another marine park is located in Surat Thani province. Ang Thong National Park attracts visitors to the kingdom with its silver sand beaches.

The nature of Thailand is diverse and beautiful. The tropical climate provides an abundance of exotic plants and flowers all year round, and the caring Thais do everything possible to experience it in a safe environment for life and health.

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