Railroads in Thailand - the main directions

Railroads in Thailand - the main directions

Thailand's railroads are important arteries for transporting passengers to places where access is difficult. In addition, Thais are very fond of this mode of transport because of its accessibility and obvious cheapness.

Thailand, except for the western part, has a developed infrastructure, connecting the most important economic parts of the country. In Thailand, all roads lead to its largest and most industrialized center with a rich history - the city of Bangkok.

hualamphong railroad

Hua Lamphong Station, at Rama 4 Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok, can be reached by cab and also by the underground metro line at any convenient time. It has almost a century of history, impressing tourists with its elegant appearance, luxury and comfort.

In front of the main entrance to the station there is an information desk, where you can easily explain what and how, advise where you can buy tickets, resolve difficulties.

Not every tourist knows that there is a train route to the city from Don Muang Airport. In fact, the Aeroexpress train does not run there very conveniently. There are usually two ways to get from Don Muang to the train station:

  • cross to the other side and take the train;
  • Take buses 29 or A1 - the cost is about 20 baht (0.5$), but change to Chatuchak Park, then take the subway to Hua Lamphong station.

Note that the train will be without air conditioning, and this is quite unpleasant in the constant heat, as well as a very high probability of delays.

train station

In addition to Don Muang, the Thai capital has a new airport that receives international flights, Suvarnabhumi. Since a cab from this airport can be extremely expensive, the best way to get from Suvarnabhumi to Hua Lamphong quickly and without traffic jams is to take the Airport Link suburban train to Makkasan station and then you just need to take the underground metro line. This is a relatively inexpensive and time-efficient way - 100 baht (3$) and about 45 minutes of travel time.

Types of trains and main directions

The main train destinations in Thailand are:

  • Bangkok-Chiang Mai;
  • Bangkok-Yala;
  • Bangkok-Surat Thani;
  • Bangkok to Ubonratchatani;
  • Bangkok-Nongkai;
  • Bangkok-Trang;
  • Bangkok-Ubontani.

The longest branch of all is Bangkok-Chiang Mai, its length is more than 750 km, in the direction of Laos - about 500 km.

There are several types of trains in Thailand:

  • special express;
  • express;
  • fast train;
  • regular train;
  • Bangkok commuter train;
  • provincial commuter train.

In terms of class, Thai trains are divided into two large categories - two classes of sleeping cars and two classes of sitting cars. The main difference in classes is the absence or presence of air conditioning, which can significantly affect the fare. Second class cars with berths are popular among tourists - they are affordable, but the amenities needed on the way are minimal.


It should also be said that the cost of tickets for travel is very different - the average travel time for the furthest direction is about 15-17 hours, and the cost can vary from 300 to 1600 baht (8-45$), depending on the level of comfort offered.

hua lamphong train station

Here it is strictly forbidden to smoke in public places, it can lead to a fine of up to 2 thousand baht (56$). Trains are almost always late.

Prices for the main directions

Bangkok-Chiang Mai

This is one of the most popular routes leading to the northern regions of Thailand. The route is 751 km, can be reached by 5 trains, you will have to spend up to 15 hours in the car. In this case, the indicated departure time will differ from the actual time by several hours.

  • Prices by class:
  • Comfortable 1st class sleeping car - from 1300 to 1500 baht (depending on the shelf), and up to 2000 baht (with one shelf in the compartment);
  • 2nd class carriage (parlor carriage) - up to 835 baht;
  • 2nd class (sleeping car) - up to 590 baht;
  • 2nd class - seating - up to 561 baht;
  • 2nd class - seating (vent.) - up to 469 baht;
  • 3rd class - seating (vent.) - up to 295 baht.

Bangkok-Yala flight

The length of the route by train is 1055 km, there are 4 trains with different times of departure, the trip should take 18-20 hours.

  • Price by comfort level:
  • First Class Superior - 1,695 baht;
  • 2nd class - parlor - 976 baht;
  • 2nd class - 659 baht;
  • 2nd class - seating (vent.) - 572 baht;
  • 3rd class - seating (vent.) - 499 baht.

Bangkok-Surat Thani flight

The length of the route is 650 km, you have 11 different opportunities to choose from, with different departure times, and travel time from 9 to 12 hours.

  • Prices by comfort level:
  • First class luxury - 1,379 baht;
  • 2nd class - second class (conked) - 728 baht;
  • 2nd class - sleeping car (vent.) - 508 baht;
  • 2nd class - with seating (vent.) - 358 baht;
  • 3rd class - seating - 257 baht.

Bangkok-Ubonratchathani flight

Has a length of 651 km., for you are offered six routes at the most convenient time for you departure, you will travel about 8.5-11 hours

  • Ticket prices by comfort level:
  • First Class - Extra Comfort - 1,280 baht,
  • 2nd class - second class in a parlor car - 651 baht,
  • 2nd class - train with seating - 551 baht,
  • 2nd class - coach with seating - 331 baht,
  • 3rd class - coach with seating - 205 baht.

Bangkok-Nongkhai flight

The length of the route is 621 km. and there are 3 evening options for departure. The trip will take approximately 10.5-12 hours.

  • Prices by comfort level:
  • First class - luxury coach - 1,317 baht,
  • 2nd class - second class - 758 baht,
  • 2nd class - coach with seating - 498 baht,
  • 2nd class - coach with seating only - 253 baht,
  • 3rd class - a coach with seating will cost 213 baht.

Bangkok-Ubontani flight

Length - 569 km., there are 4 versions of the trip with a travel time of 15-16 hours.

  • Prices by comfort level:
  • First class luxury - 1,277 baht,
  • 2nd class - second-class cabin (cond.) - 739 baht,
  • 2nd class - seating (cond.) - 479 baht,
  • 2nd class - seating (vent.) - 245 baht,
  • 3rd class - seating (vent.) - 205 baht.

In order to quickly buy tickets, use the Internet site of the railroads of Thailand. Tourists visiting the mysterious eastern country for the first time can be advised to get and by bus - wanting to get rich Thais will offer you to buy tickets from them at a very inflated price - so, overpayment on the flight Bangkok - Chiang Mai is 500 baht.

A comfortable bus will take you to your destination within 9-10 hours, considerably less than by train. Time savings can be about 6-7 hours, not including the factor of possible train delays.

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