How to buy the most advantageous ticket

In the era of the Soviet Union, a flight by plane was nothing extraordinary and did not create a big hole in the family budget. Today's airfare, however, is, to put it mildly, surprisingly expensive. But there are several ways to buy a ticket for a coveted flight at a discount of up to 45 percent. Here are some of those ways.

1. Purchasing a ticket just before departure

Purchasing a ticket just before departure

When there is less than an hour before departure, many airlines discount the price of a ticket in order to maximize cabin occupancy. In that case, the discount can be up to 45 percent. But there is a certain risk. If there are no seats available, there will be no discount and you will have to wait in hope for the next flight.

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2. Purchasing tickets for Wednesday flights

Purchasing tickets for Wednesday flights

Based on statistics, the minimum occupancy of airliner cabins falls on Wednesday. Therefore airline managers are trying to attract passengers on these flights huge discounts. You can absolutely not worry and buy tickets right at the airport just before departure. It is guaranteed that there will be seats in the cabin of the aircraft.

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3. Buying tickets in two directions at once

 Buying tickets in two directions at once

Buying a round-trip ticket and a return ticket comes out, on average, 15 percent cheaper than separately. This is due to the fact that the airline is guaranteed to load its flights as much as possible without the risk of flying a half-empty plane.

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Payment of tickets by special credit cards

Paying for tickets with special credit cards

A lot of modern banks offer their customers credit cards to pay for tickets on very favorable and interesting terms. These include cashback of up to 10 percent, additional bonus points, and an interest-free credit period.

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5. Carefully study the terms and conditions of the tariff and choose the most profitable

Carefully study the tariff conditions and choose the most profitable one

The price of a regular airline ticket already includes the cost of luggage, carry-on luggage, the risk of returning the ticket before departure, and more. If a passenger has no luggage, a guaranteed flight is worth considering cheaper "non-refundable" tickets. They differ from regular tickets in the absence of pre-paid luggage and the possibility of a free refund or exchange. And their cost difference is about 30 percent.

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6. Purchasing tickets for night flights

Purchasing tickets for night flights

Most passengers prefer to fly during daylight hours. Therefore airlines give great discounts for fans of night flights and additional bonus points. By the way, long flights are very convenient at night. In half-empty cabin you can sit comfortably on the whole row of seats and be rested and asleep at your destination. This, by the way, additional savings on the services of hotels and hotels.

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