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The exotic beauty of this country is legendary. Unique combination of ancient and modern architecture, gentle climate, abundance of rare plants and pleasant friendly atmosphere - Vietnam welcomes tourists with aromas of its cuisine, sincere smiles and bright cultural identity. Exploring the resorts of Vietnam on the map, we can conclude that most of them are located along the sea coast. There are all conditions for a relaxing vacation, resort infrastructure is thought out to the finest detail, and the warm beach sand, combined with plenty of sunshine ensures an excellent tan.

However, the country is famous not only for sea resorts.

Clean mountain air, the healing power of natural mud and mineral springs give everyone the opportunity to take a full health course, improve their health.

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Holidays in Nha Trang

The list of the "best resorts in Vietnam" is headed by Nha Trang. Located in the central part of the country, Nha Trang rightfully bears the title of its resort "capital". Popularity contributes to the livability of beaches, as well as a wide range of entertainment and comfort hotels. Locals treat guests with great respect and try to do everything possible for their pleasant stay. Everyone who buys a trip to the resort of Nha Trang, Vietnam opens a unique and bright facet.

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Sea and Entertainment. Swimming and sunbathing enthusiasts spend their time on the comfortable sandy beaches stretching along the coast in a six-kilometer long golden strip; diving enthusiasts find a lot of interesting things to explore the underwater world of the South China Sea. In the numerous restaurants and cafes you can enjoy exotic national cuisine, in the shops and stores you can buy handicrafts or souvenirs, and in the SPA-salons you can order a series of sessions of health massages or procedures using unique natural cosmetics.

History buffs. Tourists interested in the history of the country, its customs and traditions, enjoy visiting the sights of the resort. For example, Longshon Pagoda or the Cham Towers, an ancient religious structure dating back to the thirteenth century. The towers are included in almost every tour, which shows the importance of the historical site, where representatives of different faiths - Buddhists, Hindus and pagans - even today hold their colorful religious rituals.

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The price of the question. People often ask, "What are the most affordable resorts in Vietnam?" And many travelers choose Nha Trang. After all, the resort's hotel range is designed for different income levels of its guests. Here you can easily find a luxury hotel with a full set of world technical innovations. But those who choose to settle in a modest and cozy hotel, rest will not be spoiled. All tourists are guaranteed excellent service and attention of polite staff.

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Visiting time. The most favorable period for a vacation in Nha Trang begins in January and ends in the last days of August. November and December will not please tourists with their weather, but will give the opportunity to save markedly. In these months the prices of tours are considered the lowest.

Phu Quoc - Vietnam's Paradise

The island of Phu Quoc is located in the Gulf of Thailand. Its area is large, has a mountainous terrain, abundant clean air and lush tropical vegetation.

Ecotourism. The moderate influx of visitors from other countries, luxurious nature, scents of exotic plants, the cleanest rivers and waterfalls, the richness of flora and fauna - a unique combination contributes to the popularity of Phu Quoc among fans of ecotourism. Here well organized fishing, you can "hunt" for crabs and squid, shrimp and other sea creatures. Divers are attracted by the magnificent underwater landscapes, famous for the beauty of coral reefs and bright colors of their inhabitants.

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Entertainment. Everyone vacationing on Phu Quoc Island, try to visit an interesting farm, which is engaged in the cultivation of pearls. By the way, it was the farm that gave the island a poetic name - Pearl. Fukuok can not boast an abundance of nightclubs and entertainment centers. Here you can find a cozy restaurant with excellent cuisine or a disco to dance and spend a wonderful evening with friends. But the island appreciates the silence, tranquility and pristine subtropical nature. They come here for the clean air, calm atmosphere of complete relaxation.

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Prices and visiting times. The best time to visit Fukuok is in November and March. But during this period, the cost of hotels and prices in restaurants increase markedly. To save your own money, you can come in the rainy season of summer. The main thing - do not forget a quality umbrella, special shoes or raincoat.

Resorts in Vietnam: where to go with children

The country is great for traveling with young children. The Vietnamese are sensitive to the little ones, and tourists can easily find the perfect resort for a family vacation.

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One of these tourist "favorites" is a small town of Hoi An. The cleanest beaches, smooth seabed, the possibility for a minimal fee to rent surfboards, diving equipment or a real fishing boat - beach service resort Hoi An is at a high level.

Museum City. By the decision of the Executive Committee of UNESCO in the 99th year of the last century, the resort received the status of a museum city. Almost a thousand buildings are valuable monuments of ancient architecture - these are religious buildings, palaces and mansions of famous people who lived many centuries ago. For those wishing to explore the sights organized fascinating excursions, quite affordable.

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Shopping, cuisine, entertainment. The city is known to many tourists because of its workshops. Talented tailors, shoemakers, hat makers and craftsmen make great things and souvenirs, which are sold quite inexpensively. Hoi An is often called the city of artisans and artists, so many tourists specially come to the resort area for active shopping.

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Local chefs are also called real artists. Chefs create real masterpieces from fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, flour and sugar, spreading marvelous flavors through the city streets. For those who like noisy nightlife, Hoi An is a bit boring.

Everything here is designed for a relaxing holiday, not a fun night out.

Favorable time to travel. In general, the tourist season is year-round. But the best time to visit the resort of Hoi An is in January and August. In September, the rains begin, lasting until December. If you do not take care of appropriate clothing, you will have to experience a lot of inconvenience.

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Mountain air and mineral springs

Vietnam's popular seaside resorts have many advantages. However, they can be difficult to compete with the magical effects of clean mountain air, healing mineral mud and the power of thermal springs.

Mountain resorts are still inferior to sea resorts in terms of infrastructure development, but they are well enough equipped and able to receive their visitors, providing everyone with quality treatment, high level of service and competent medical approach. The small tourist flow of mountain resorts can be considered an indisputable advantage. The lack of bustle, silence and peaceful atmosphere contribute to both treatment and recreation.

  1. Ba Vi. In the suburbs of Hanoi is a resort place Ba Vi. The presence of several hot springs and mineral muds allows visitors to take a range of beneficial treatments. In their spare time, guests of the resort are invited to take a walk in Ba Vi National Park, which is within walking distance.
  2. Binh Chau. Binh Chau Resort is easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh City, as the transportation system works without interruptions. The resort is well equipped and famous for several hot mineral water springs. The Vietnamese authorities are interested in the development of the mountain resort system, which is especially evident in the investment in the improvement of Binh Chau.
  3. Kimboy. Many people know Hoa Binh Province for the hot springs of Kimboi Resort. For the convenience of tourists there is a huge swimming pool, comfortable showers, cozy cafes and massage rooms. To switch from medical procedures help fascinating excursions to the nearby reserve of Ququphuong, as well as trips to Hanoi in the capital.
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Important Tip. The mineral composition of natural springs differs markedly and is designed for a particular group of diseases. In each case, visitors to balneotherapy resorts should study in advance and in detail the availability of certain microelements, so as not to make a mistake with the purchase of the tour.

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Resorts in Vietnam: how to choose the most suitable

The country's tourism industry is developing rapidly. Not only its own government, but also foreign business circles are actively investing money in the resort business, as they see the future in it. People come to Vietnam to get acquainted with the monuments of ancient architecture, centuries-old customs and traditions of the people, to join the national colors.

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In this East Asian country everything is beautiful - the mild climate, unique culture, the beauty of natural scenery and friendliness with which the guests are greeted. Therefore, it is quite difficult to answer the question, "What resort in Vietnam is better? One thing is certain - Vietnam is worthwhile to come here!

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