Travel insurance: pluses, how to choose and arrange

Travel insurance: pluses, how to choose and arrange


Most tourists think that you need travel insurance only when getting a visa, but this is completely wrong. When you find yourself in an unpredictable situation, and even more so far from home, it is travel insurance that will help solve sudden problems. Competently executed documents will help you:

  1. save money;
  2. save your free time;
  3. save your nerve cells.

It should be noted that luggage insurance is by far the most popular. Its cost varies from three to ten euros per bag or suitcase, but compensation is paid both for loss of luggage and for its delay. Another no less popular and also useful insurance is the insurance in case of no departure.

The standard cost of this insured event is about 5 or 10 percent of the cost of the entire tour. In some cases, the price of the hotel, tickets, etc. is taken into account - it all depends on the conditions of your insurance company. The main thing to remember is that it is a serious reason for not being able to travel. If you cite a work emergency or similar excuses, no insurance company will return the money.

What are the advantages of health insurance?

Travel medical insurance, also called a travel abroad policy (VZR), helps to protect against various accidents, when emergency medical care is needed abroad.

This policy provides medical care and transportation to your home at your own expense, as well as inpatient care. If you are interested in the lowest cost insurance, this is it. Its price ranges from 1 to 2 euros per day of stay, but it covers up to 30,000 euros. Affordability of this insurance is explained by a rather small set of risk cases, according to which you will get money.

To travel within the Russian Federation, in theory, an MHI policy is enough for today. However, if you try to travel this way in practice, it turns out that doctors will be very reluctant to accept patients from outside their region. That is why arranging medical insurance for traveling in the Russian Federation will help solve all the problems that have arisen within the country.

How do I choose health insurance?

Initially, you should choose insurance according to the perceived risks in the country to which you are going. Not the last point will be to pay attention to the high cost of medical care in the country you want. For example, an insurance policy that will pay 30,000 Euros to its owners will be able to fully cover any treatment in Poland, while in Switzerland it will be barely enough for hospitalization for a couple of days. Therefore, knowing the rates of medical care in the country beforehand, do not save money on the insurance pole.

What's wrong with cheap insurance?

The main disadvantage of an inexpensive insurance policy is that it includes a minimum number of insured events, which the company will later be able to pay. To avoid unpleasant situations, you should think in advance about the most risky situations and determine which insurance can combine them all. Most insurance agencies specifically create insurance packages tailored to the type of vacation.

For example, there are insurances for pregnant women, for outdoor activities, for divers and so on. For example, if you are going to ski or ride a bicycle, it is worth ordering sports insurance so that all costs in case of an accident are covered.

If you know that you will be drinking alcoholic beverages while on vacation, it is worth separately purchasing assistance for alcohol intoxication. This is very important because almost all insurance companies do not pay compensation in cases where the victim was drunk. Also take into account your chronic illnesses, because the insurance company is not responsible for their rapid exacerbation, if you do not include this in a separate policy.

How and where do I get health insurance?

Today, you can get health insurance both at the insurance company and online, with the help of a special aggregator. The latter is arranged with a bank card online, and the finished pole comes to you electronically. Filling out such documents is quite simple, you just need to select the items relevant to your vacation and specify personal data.

What to do in a situation where an insured event has already occurred?

If you do encounter an unforeseen situation, you first need to call your insurance company's customer service. You can find the service number on your insurance policy.

After consulting with a specialist, you will be told whether your case falls under the insurance, and then you will receive further instructions. In most cases, the insurance company chooses the hospital, because it will also receive the bill for treatment.

If you get a medical bill, you don't have to worry. Some insurance companies will reimburse you upon your arrival in your home country as soon as you present all the receipts. However, this system has its disadvantages, because insurance companies may delay refunding money. To avoid such situations, it is worthwhile to clarify during the registration of insurance who and when will pay all costs.

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