8 night markets in Ho Chi Minh City for evening shopping" blocked 8 night markets in Ho Chi Minh City for evening shopping

Shopping in trendy malls and department stores is fading into the background. If you happen to be in Ho Chi Minh, go shopping under the night sky. Ancient charming Vietnam with its richest traditions will impress any tourist. Night markets are no exception: on the shelves you will find many interesting things that you never even dreamed of. Unlike shopping centers, prices will also please you.

Check out the night markets in Ho Chi Minh City for local specialties.

1. Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City 1 is the best in the city. This is the perfect place to shop for everything from local handicrafts to art and even branded merchandise. To avoid crowds, come here early in the morning or late in the evening.

Ben Thanh Market

At this time, you will be able to profitably buy clothing items, bamboo handicrafts, watches, electronics, suitcases, spices, fruits and nuts here. If you want to get the maximum discount, learn how to bargain with sellers. When you're done shopping, head to eateries for authentic Vietnamese food flavored with a cold drink.

The market is like a big maze, difficult to navigate and easy to get lost. At night, lights come on everywhere and restaurants open, serving the best of local cuisine - fish, grilled meat, wok noodles and more.

Ben Thanh Market

Office hours: With 6:00 to 12:00.

Address: Le Loi, Ben Thanh, Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

How to get there: Located in the city center, a smooth transition to the Ben Thanh market. A taxi from Tan Son Nhat International Airport will take only 15-20 minutes (7 km) and will cost between 100 and 150 VND. Bus number 152 goes to the market, which leaves from the airport.

2. Minh Phung Night Market

The bustling open-air Minh Pang market, where you can buy everything you need and if you want to eat delicious food, is the heart and soul of the city. It's a shopaholic's paradise, also known as Cay Go Night Market, where you can quickly and cheaply buy bags, designer work, jewelry, children's clothing, home goods and electronics.

Minh Phung Night Market

Goods are so low prices that you don't have to haggle much. After successful shopping, you can refresh yourself with soft drinks and enjoy the local cuisine.

Minh Phung Night Market

Вwork time: With 18:00 to 6:00.

Address: 122 Minh Ph'ng, 6, Ho Chi Minh.

How to get there: From the airport by taxi in 20 minutes. The cost is from 120,000 to 160,000 dong.

3. Ba Chieu Market

Ba Chieu Market, where you can find everything from flip flops to trendy hats, is located in Binh Thanh. Built in 1942, it was successfully renovated in 1987 and is a huge shaded area that flows smoothly into the neighboring streets. The advantage of the market is its location.

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Ba Chieu Market

It's not in the city center so it's not that crowded. The local friendly people basically decide their own trading times. But it's better to come here at night. Since there are not many tourists in the area, the vendors are only fluent in Vietnamese. So do not be too lazy to take a phrase book with you or install an online translator on your phone.

Ba Chieu Market

In the grocery stores you can buy hearty and inexpensive lunch. At the bottom of the bazaar, you will see a row of stalls selling a variety of products, including freshly cut fruit. Don't forget to bargain. To do this, learn two useful phrases: "dat qua" = "expensive" and "bot di" = "give a discount."

Ba Chieu Market

Office hours: around the clock.

Address: 10 Dien Hog, Ward 1, Bình Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

How to get there: Located 11 km from the airport. A taxi ride will take 30 minutes and will cost between 150 and 200 VND.

4. Hanh Thong Tay Market

Han Hong Thong is the busiest market in Ho Chi Minh. You can learn about its existence by the smell of freshly prepared mouth-watering dishes. The fair attracts a large number of Vietnamese residents, especially students, who are looking for cheap accessories - cell phone cases, bags, cosmetics and casual wear.

Hanh Thong Tay Market

This does not mean that people of other age groups will not find the goods they need here. The shelves are stocked with everything you need. Experiment with the local cuisine when you're done shopping. The market has the best food stalls offering mouth-watering delicacies at attractive prices.

Hanh Thong Tay Market

Office hours: With 18:00 to 23:00.

Address: 10/2 Quang Trung, Ward 11, Go Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

How to get there: A taxi ride from the airport takes 41 minutes. If you wish, you can take bus number 32.

5. Hoa Binh Night Market

It is interesting to watch how sellers lay out goods at dusk, waiting for customers. Unlike regular markets, which close around midnight, Ho Binh Night Market only operates at night. Here you will find the usual street treats and goods that can be purchased at other similar outlets - casual clothes, watches, cosmetics, bags, shoes of various shapes, colors and sizes.

Hoa Binh Night Market

Office hours: from 20:00.

Address: 18 Bui Ho Nghia, Ward 5, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

How to get there: Ta taxi from the airport will take you to the market. Travel time 20 minutes.

6. Ky Hoa Night Market

Walk through the Ky Hoa Night Market to see the vendors beckoning shoppers. The market is one of the best places to see peach blossoms, especially during the Lunar New Year festival.

Ky Hoa Night Market

Here you can buy clothing, furniture, accessories, hair and skin care products, shoes and much more. Prices for the same item may vary from store to store. Go through several points to choose the most profitable option.

Ky Hoa Night Market

Office hours: from 17:00 until 12:00.

Address: Thong Nhat Stadium, 138 Dao Duy Tu, Thanh Binh.

7. Ho Thi Ky night market

Ho Thi Ky Night Market is a place that sells a variety of flowers such as lilies, lotuses, daisies, roses, hydrangeas and many more. The entire perimeter of the market is immersed in flowers; you can easily get lost in these colorful labyrinths. In Vietnam, it is customary to decorate houses and workplaces with flowers, so the demand for them is always high.

Ho Thi Ky Night Market

During the day it is always noisy and crowded, so you should come here later. Find a food stall that has been selling Cambodian sweet soup for over 40 years. Pay attention to other eateries, and be sure to try the masterpieces of local cuisine.

Office hours: With 10:00 to 2:00.

Address: Ho Thi Ky, Phuong 1, Quan 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

How to get there: AtIt is most convenient to take a taxi, as there are no parking spaces in the market. Taxi Uber and Grab will cost about VND 50,000. You can also rent a motorbike for the day and explore the various markets in Ho Chi Minh City. Uber and Grab offer the lowest rental prices. Take buses 69, 27, 14 and 150 and you will be taken to Lee Tai To Street. The market is within walking distance.

8. Binh Tay Market, Cho Lon (Binh Tay Market)

Located in the western part of the city, Cho Long, or more commonly known as Binh Tai Market, is one of the must-sees in Ho Chi Minh City. Trading areas in oriental style have been functioning since 1930. The stunning design is reflected in the cinematography, with scenes set in this market in several films. Crowds of onlookers flock to this place to see the incredible beauty of the malls with their own eyes.

 Binh Tay Market

Besides the unique architecture, Bin Tay is the busiest market in Ho Chi Minh City. Most goods are brought here from the southwestern provinces. You don't have to haggle a lot: the prices here are very low. People come to the market for high-quality electronics and household items. Don't be surprised if you hear Chinese here: Chinatown is nearby. And be sure to try the delicious local Chinese cuisine.

 Binh Tay Market

Office hours: 14:00-15:00 - 21:00-22:00.

Address: 57A Thap Muoi Street, Ward 2, District 6

How to get there: The market is located in District 5 - Cholon. A taxi ride is preferred.

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The night markets in Ho Chi Minh are packed with traffic, a wide range of goods and the best local cuisine prepared in front of you. Be sure to visit these unique fairs to fill your bags with useful things and souvenirs.

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