Nightlife in Hanoi: 18 things to do at night

Nightlife in Hanoi: 18 things to do at night
Hanoi has a peculiar reputation. Speaking of this city, the epithets "stuffy" or "conservative" are often mentioned. Yes, there are some. And if you take into account that by law all alcohol and entertainment venues in the Vietnamese capital must close at midnight, it seems that after sunset there is absolutely nothing for active tourists to do.

But you're wrong if you think so. Hanoi's nightlife is glamorous and chic, only Ho Chi Minh City can compete with it. What do you like most of all? Dancing all night? Spending quiet time in the pub with a mug of beer? Do you have an unlimited budget or are you strapped for cash? In Hanoi, you will find the right entertainment for you.

Bia Hoi Junction

For fans of rowdy nightlife, this amazing city offers several alternatives in three popular neighborhoods: BIA Hoi Junction (Old Quarter), West Lake and the historic center. Want to relax in a more relaxed setting? Then the Opera House, the Hanoi Central Circus, or the Water Puppet Theater will suit you.

BIA Hoi Junction

A true quintessence of Hanoi's nightlife. The neighborhood is home to about 200 small bars serving locally brewed beer, the bia hoi that gave the neighborhood its name. It is visited by locals, students and tourists. During the day here is noisy and fun, but with the coming of the evening begins real pandemonium. The place really is very popular - primarily because of the cheap beer (a glass costs about 4-8 thousand dong).

The local establishments are not exactly lavish; they are usually street eateries with plastic tables and chairs that can accommodate a small number of people. It's not just the alcohol that gets people in the mood, but also the balloons filled with nitrous oxide, which give a temporary sense of euphoria.

Bia Hoi Junction

BIA Hoi Junction is frequented by singles, fun-loving groups, and couples. It is believed that a person who has not been in Bia Hoi Junction - has not seen the real Hanoi. Just remember to dress appropriately. Among this lively hangout it is accepted in every possible way to stand out, the fancier the outfit - the better. However, for fans of more civilized recreation, even on BIA Hoi there are clubs and bars where you can spend time in the traditional way.

Dragonfly - Dragonfly

 From the outside the club does not attract attention, but just be inside and you realize: this is the perfect place to spend a night in Hanoi. There is a covered area with fancy lighting and a great dance floor. You can relax, smoke a hookah or drink an alcoholic cocktail.


Opening hours: from 8:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Benefits: open and closed area for eating, drinking and smoking, choice of alcoholic beverages, "live" DJ, active dancing.

2. Craft Beer Bar

A personal paradise for beer lovers. It serves not only local bia hoi, but also the best drinks from Europe - Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium.

Craft Beer Pub

Opening hours: from 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Advantages: the opportunity to compare imported and local beer, as well as - a huge screen used to broadcast sports competitions.

3. 1900 Le Theatre

The name alludes to the history of this club, which was erected on the site of a once-burned-down theater. The place is really very noisy, massive and popular, so it is advisable to go here with a company - lonely tourists may experience a slight feeling of discomfort. Otherwise it's great: great dance floor, experienced DJs, diverse music.

1900 Le Theatre

Opening hours: from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Advantages: modern atmosphere, bright drive, unique mix of Vietnamese and European music.

4. Hair of the Dog

A funny place with a no less original name - "Hair of the Dog". The service is of the highest level, the atmosphere is relaxed, light, suitable for a leisurely conversation with a glass of some alcohol. You can just sit and relax, not rushing anywhere.

Hair of the Dog

Opening hours: from 9:00 p.m. to 03:30 a.m.

Advantages: the institution is divided into two levels - the first floor for locals, the second for foreigners (open until late at night).

West Lake area

The West Lake area has several upscale bars and clubs that are frequented by tourists and wealthy locals - socialites, celebrities, and other bohemians. The area smells of money and glamour. Some of the most expensive clubs and bars are located here. The area is perfect for celebrating a special date or having a chic romantic evening.

Local regulars dress expensive and stylish, attracting the eyes of others. Most of the clubs in the area have their own dress code - people in inappropriate attire simply won't be allowed in. The block may seem too expensive, but it is here that the most stylish bars and clubs are located. So, if finances and time allow, it is worth a visit.

5. Standing Bar

This place has a rather non-trivial service: here they drink only beer and only standing up. There are barrels with taps all around the room, from which sixteen different kinds of beer are generously poured into mugs.

Standing Bar

Opening hours: from 6 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

Advantages: great selection of imported and local beers, great view of the lake - a great way to spend a Saturday night.

6. 88 Lounge

This place is the epitome of sophistication. A stylish wine bar that is ideal for romantic dates. Visitors can choose a seat in the garden or sit comfortably under the roof on one of the cozy sofas.

88 Lounge

Opening hours: from 11-00 to 23-00

Advantages: excellent service, pleasant interior, romantic atmosphere, the possibility of wine tasting.

7. Savage - Savage

 The place is famous first of all for its excellent music equipment, and the very choice of compositions performed here attracts many music lovers. In general, the hall is never empty.


Opening hours: from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Advantages: great music and the opportunity to party until morning.

8. Hanoi Rock City

Hanoi Rock City is a giant dance floor, always packed with people. Professional DJs, great music, periodic live concerts, and the opportunity to sing karaoke.

Hanoi Rock City

Opening hours: from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Advantages: fun, noisy, energetic, artistic, at times alternative - and admission is free.

9. Legend Beer

"Legend Beer" fully lives up to its name - it sells more varieties of heady beverage than any other bar in the country. There is a range of beers made in-house, which can be served not only with local, but also with traditional German snacks.

Legend Beer

Opening hours: from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Advantages: The bar with a very nice interior is located on the third floor of the building, it has a spectacular view of the lake, and the beer and snacks are great.

Historic downtown

This is probably where you will find the most holidaymakers. The restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in the center are not as upscale as those in the West Lake area, but many of them still claim to be elite.

The public tries to match - in the local entertainment establishments rest famous and rich people, style icons, representatives of the creative community and local beau monde. The historical center area is often visited by groups of foreigners, couples or single tourists who do not have a lot of free time, but want to join the nightlife of Hanoi.

For such an outing you can choose a fancy and expensive outfit, or dress in something simpler. Restaurants in the historic center are more democratic, so no one is too strict in terms of clothing requirements. All in all, a great way to have a good time even if you have a financial limit.

10. Factory 47

Factory 47 is a pub in an industrial style, with a corresponding "factory" interior and waiters in lab coats. Definitely an original idea with a great implementation.

Factory 47

Opening hours: from 12-00 to 24-00

Advantages: good drinks, interesting interior, popular electronic music. 

11. Hanoi Press Club

Press Club Hanoi is a vacation in Vietnam with a European flavor. The best French cuisine in this country with a wide range of dishes. Bar with an assortment of popular alcoholic drinks. Exotic dancing and the opportunity to spend time in relative privacy, on the outdoor terrace.

Hanoi Press Club

Opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then, after a break, from 5 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.

Benefits: the opportunity to relax under the roof or outdoors, live music Thursday through Saturday, one free cocktail as a gift to each visitor on Thursday.

12. the Bank

"Bank is considered one of the best entertainment venues in Hanoi. It combines the features of a Vietnamese-style nightclub and Western dance bars. For example, the Wednesday night is declared "ladies' night" - admission for women is free, but men have to pay. The most popular songs are played here, so the dance floor is never empty.

The Bank

Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3 a.m.

Advantages: the biggest nightclub in Hanoi, the best cocktails, rocking music and trendy crowd.

13. Cosa Nostra

 The establishment is in a picturesque, comfortable location. The bar's minimalist interior is a success - the public especially likes the leather furniture and the exquisite tactile sensations it provides in the heat. Unfortunately, tourists often note that the service at Cosa Nostra leaves much to be desired.

Cosa Nostra

Opening hours: from 12-00 to 24-00

Advantages: relaxed atmosphere, original interior.

14. Tadioto

A rather pretentious place that is best suited for bachelorette parties or romantic dates. It is bright, colorful, charming and without pretensions to elitism. The main "chip" of this place is colorful cocktails which are made here.


Opening hours: from 11-00 to 24-00

Advantages: nice, relaxing atmosphere

All of these nightlife options are sure to please many tourists. But what about travelers who are not attracted to alcohol, loud music and bright, flashing lights of the dance floor? Not to worry! Hanoi is full of things to see to get an idea of life in Vietnam's diverse and amazing capital city.

15. Hanoi Water Puppet Theatre

If you have a classical taste and prefer to enjoy different kinds of traditional national art in your travels, you should definitely visit the Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi. The history of these performances goes back to the distant times when the rice fields were regularly flooded. In their spare time, the villagers would entertain themselves by standing waist-deep in water. To act out funny scenes, they used puppets lifted high above the water.

Hanoi Water Puppet Theatre

Modern performances are often based on Vietnamese folklore and legends and are accompanied by an orchestra that uses wooden bells, drums, horns and bamboo flutes as well as cymbals to play. Hanoi's Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is world famous. It is certainly worth giving up noisy parties for one night to attend such a performance.

Opening hours: from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

16. Hanoi Opera House

 The Hanoi Opera House, located near Hoan Kiem Lake, is one of the best examples of colonial architecture in the Vietnamese capital. It was built by the French in 1911. The design has elements of the Gothic style: through columns and carved shutters, lots of light and glass. It is the largest theater in the country and its existence shows what a strong mark the period of French rule left on Vietnamese history.

Hanoi Opera House

The theater hosts opera productions and chamber music concerts. Ballet dancers, local and foreign groups perform here. In general, if you like to be immersed in the world of classical melodies, a visit to this citadel of high art will be a real holiday for you!

17. Vietnam Central Circus

Vietnam Central Circus is ideal for tourists looking for something to do in Hanoi with the whole family. The two-hour show offered to the audience consists of acrobats, animals and clowns. The circus itself is located in a large tent surrounded by fairground tents. The shows seem rather monotonous, but they are fun and colorful - definitely worth a visit at least once.

Vietnam Central Circus

Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

18. Hanoi Night Market

A splendid mixture of colors, sounds and smells! A visit to the Hanoi Night Market is a must. It does not matter what attracts you first: buying souvenirs, exploring colorful handicrafts or tasting Vietnamese cuisine. You can find it all in one place! At the Hanoi night market, T-shirts, sunglasses and jeans are juxtaposed with items that remind you of Vietnamese culture, such as conical hats and loose national shirts.

Hanoi Night Market

At the same time, you can enjoy an impromptu theater performance and a tasty snack.

Opening hours: Friday through Sunday, from 18-00 to 24-00.

It turns out that Hanoi is not just a "stuffy" city with a rich cultural tradition, worthy of careful study. There is a really lively nightlife that allows you to relax and unwind after the day's sightseeing.

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