A day in Vietnam

A day in VietnamOne day in Vietnam Vietnam is an amazing country, familiar to us from the balm "Zvezdochka" and the similarity to the times of the USSR. Here you will not find a harsh climate, skis and sledges, but palm trees, sand and sea. Equally beautiful is the city of Nha Trang, which is famous for its European neighborhood, clean beach and good-natured residents.

So what does a day in the city of Nha Trang look like?


If you are an active, curious tourist who cannot do without excursions and trips to historical and simply beautiful places, then your morning starts at 6-7 am. This is when the guides pick up the group to leave for the itinerary. What do I need to take with me on the tour? First of all - it is sunscreen and water, as well as wet wipes. If you are going to the open, sunny area, you need to take a stole, a hat, sunglasses, in general, anything that will help you hide from the scorching sun and not to get burnt. It is important to remember that at 11.00-16.00 there is all the peak of sun activity, at this time there is a chance to get burnt or get sunstroke. Take care of your health, so as not to spoil the vacation for yourself and your family.

If you go to Dalat, it is worth bringing a windbreaker, as it is quite cool in the mountains. You can take food with you, but usually tours include a hearty lunch.

If you are going out to the temple, be sure to take with you something to cover your knees and shoulders - it is a prerequisite for entering a sacred place.

If you came to rest for the sake of sunbathing, sunbathing and sleeping under umbrellas, your morning, or rather day, is likely to start not before 9-10 hours. Particular sleepyheads should remember that free breakfasts in hotels are finished about 9 am, so you have to get your own food. Cafes in Nha Trang are almost on every corner, you can eat Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Italian and even try Russian borscht! You can eat cheap, for our 100 rubles (1000 dong - 1.6 rubles) per person. In restaurants will cost more, but not by much.


At about 14-15 hours after returning from the beach or excursions you can catch the afternoon siesta when the streets are a little empty and here and there you can see the peaceful sleep of the Vietnamese. At this time to escape from the scorching sun you can go to the malls with their refreshing air conditioners and browse the stores, looking for souvenirs, clothing or local traditional medicine. There you can also have lunch and cold drinks. When the sun begins to go down, you can go to the hotel, swim in the pool or go back to the beach. In the various folk medicine centers, you can sign up for a relaxing massage, and if you get burned, you can sign up for a therapeutic massage that will restore your skin.


A day in VietnamOne day in Vietnam In the evening, the city comes alive - Vietnamese girls take off their tanning coats, office workers finish their work day and go to rest. Darkness descends on the city, and with it thousands of bright lights of clubs, restaurants, game centers are lit. Night markets open where you can buy fruit and souvenirs, haggle with vendors, and just walk from idleness.

Dress up and go to a restaurant, try something exotic, like crocodile or ostrich meat. Often, restaurants have Russian-speaking waiters who can help you navigate your way.

If you are a fan of noisy companies and parties, the doors of nightclubs in Nha Trang are always open to you. There you can have fun, meet interesting people, and just satisfy your curiosity. You can find clubs with a purely Russian contingent, as well as with a mixed contingent.

If you like solitude and quiet, you can go to the beach, it is usually quiet, you can look at the crabs running along the shore and pick up shells with a flashlight. Also, you can order food in the room and watch Russian channels on TV. The choice of entertainment is diverse!

Nha Trang is a wonderful city for all types of vacationers. Here you can rest your body and soul, find something you like, meet new people and leave with the most beautiful memories!

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