Attractions Egypt

Attractions Egypt

Egypt is a country with an amazing history that lasts for many thousands of years. Because of this history there is a huge number of different attractions, which have historical value. Ancient pyramids, temples, monuments and much more is in this amazing country.

It is this large number of attractions, which is known throughout the world attracts a huge number of tourists here.

Attractions Egypt The Egyptian pyramids are wonders of the world that have survived to this day.

The Pyramid of Cheops (photo 2) is the wonder of the world. This pyramid got its name thanks to its creator Pharaoh Cheops. Due to its size it is called the largest. If you do not take into account the Great Wall of China, the pyramid is the largest structure that was built by mankind.

Attractions EgyptThe Pyramid of Chephren - is located not far from the pyramid of Cheops. Visually, this pyramid seems to be larger than the Cheops pyramid. Uniqueness of this pyramid is that the free space in this construction is only 0,01%.

There's Meekerin's pyramid - is the smallest pyramid of the Giza complex. Many historians consider this pyramid the most beautiful of all the pyramids of Giza.

Egyptian Museum in Cairo (photo 3) is the building that contains the greatest amount of diverse Egyptian art. There are more than 100 galleries with more than 150,000 different unique exhibits. Huge sculptures, tombs, mummies and much more, which is of genuine interest to many tourists who come to this country.

Sphinx - this statue with the head of a man and the body of a lion. It was carved out of a solid monolith. This statue was once considered an eternal god. There are many legends and beliefs about this statue. And in truth this statue arouses different feelings, it just boggles the imagination!

Attractions Egypt Moses' Hora. - According to legend, it was in this place on this mountain that Moses received the 10 famous commandments from the Lord God. Every year large numbers of believers come here to make the ascent to this mountain.

Valley of the Kings (Photo 4) - There are many valleys in Egypt, but this is the most famous. There are a large number of tombs here. Even though people have paved many paths here, this place is still very mysterious.

About Egypt we can talk endlessly, because the history of this country is simply incredible and is still a mystery to our civilization.

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