What souvenirs can be brought from Turkey

Turkey is one big market. No matter what kind of shop you go into, you are unlikely to be released without a purchase. Turkish sellers are great masters of selling overpriced stale goods. And cheating the buyer is a matter of honor. When buying souvenirs, you need to check their quality and not be afraid to haggle.

What souvenirs can be brought from Turkey as a gift for your family and friends? From this country, leather is primarily imported. At the market you can get decent leather things for a very reasonable price: coats, cloaks, vests, pants, jackets, shorts. Buy a leather item will cost a third cheaper than an identical item, only in the Russian market. Good buy tourists and shoes - slippers, flip-flops, sandals made of rawhide. These shoes are durable and look very nice on the foot.

Gold and jewelry in Turkey are cheap and varied. The brooches in the form of flowers or birds do not look bad. The truth is that the gold is of very low quality, and not the fact that after a couple of months it will not turn black. The bad quality is compensated by the low cost of the gold pieces.

What souvenirs can be brought from Turkey If you are wondering what souvenirs you can bring from Turkey, it is worth bearing in mind that Turkish carpets have long been considered the best in the world. Carpet factory of the Turkish empire made the most beautiful and largest carpets of all existing. Nowadays there are many rugs on the market in Turkey with bright floral ornaments. When choosing carpets as a gift or a souvenir it is necessary to consult with a specialist, because it is very difficult to determine the quality of this thing personally.

In all of Turkey, tea is literally sold on every corner. Everyone here loves tea and drinks it all the time. And it's not just green tea or the painfully familiar black tea; here they also like to indulge themselves with fruit varieties. You can choose and buy tea at the markets, and you can also take special tea cups in the shape of tulips, from which Turks drink tea.

Walking down the street of any Turkish city and thinking about what souvenirs to bring from Turkey, you at every step will see sellers of sweets. Oriental sweets: chocolate, pistachio, or white baklava, and lukum - strawberry, orange, chocolate, apple and tea rose petals. To get them home comfortably, you can ask the vendor to pack it all hermetically. A jar of jam made from nuts, marzipan, or rose petals is a nice souvenir.

Another souvenir destination in Turkey are considered ceramics.

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