Where to go on May holidays in Russia

Where to go on May holidays in Russia

The long weekend in May should be spent traveling. It is not necessary to leave the Russian Federation to have a non-trivial and interesting vacation.

The largest, most beautiful and generous state in the world offers travelers dozens of tourist destinations, allowing them to learn more about the history, culture and nature of the immense country.

Exciting hikes in nature reserves, excursions to major cities and historical centers, vacations on seashores, river cruises - options for spending time can be chosen according to personal interests and financial capabilities. Where to go on May holidays in Russia?

St. Petersburg

The cultural capital of Russia also invites visitors for the May holidays. The last month of spring is an ideal time to visit St. Petersburg.

The city, which rightfully deserves the title of an open-air museum, impresses with majestic monuments of architecture and cultural heritage, invites you to theatrical performances and museum exhibitions. There will never be a moment of boredom in St. Petersburg: you can take a boat ride, white nights, bicycle tours, hiking tours through museums, parks and squares.

A modest list of places to visit:

  1. Tsarskoye Selo;
  2. Peterhof;
  3. Hermitage;
  4. Nevsky Prospekt;
  5. St. Isaac's Cathedral.

In the northern capital of Russia, literally at every step you will find amazing old attractions and modern entertainment.

Vacations in St. Petersburg in May 2018 can be spent having a budget of 10 thousand rubles.


The Crimean peninsula is a treasure trove of unique places, where you can have a rest not only interesting but also very healthy. In May here begins the tourist season, because the beautiful climatic conditions allow in late spring to swim in the sea and sunbathing on the spacious pebble and sandy beaches.

Flowering Crimea will welcome guests with a riot of colors, magic aromas of mountain plants and pine forests.

Where you can go in the spring:

  1. to Yalta, where the annual Tulip Festival is held in May;
  2. to the golden beaches of Feodosia;
  3. to the hero city of Sevastopol, where a parade will be held on the occasion of the next anniversary of Victory Day.

May holidays in the Crimea will cost much cheaper than a trip in the summer. Each city of the peninsula has its own advantages and is recommended to visit. At this time of the year in the Crimean resorts is still not crowded, and the lack of heat allows you to enjoy excursions.

Budget for two people in 2018: for 5-7 days the cost of the trip from 32 thousand rubles.


Without this city, it is impossible to imagine the full face of Russia. The beautiful megalopolis, which celebrated its 1,000th anniversary in 2005, deserves the name of the third capital of the state.

Kazan is the epitome of multinationality. Representatives of different peoples and religions peacefully coexist on its territory.

There are synagogues and Christian temples, mosques and churches. Just imagine how beautiful it is when nature is blooming after hibernation!

Thanks to excellent transport links, Kazan can be bypassed by public transport.

Tourist double-decker buses also run through the city, the route of which is laid out through the most important attractions.

While vacationing in Kazan, you should definitely visit:

  1. Kazan Kremlin;
  2. Kul Sharif Mosque;
  3. the falling tower of Suyumbike;
  4. Temple of All Religions;
  5. The palace of the farmers.

Budget for two in 2018: accommodation in hotels for the May holidays - from 1000 rubles per day per person, and the flight both ways will cost from 6 thousand rubles per person.

Golden Ring of Russia

What do you know about the treasury of Russian history? Tours of the Golden Ring of Russia are extremely popular among tourists. It unites ancient Russian cities, where unique architectural and historical monuments, created by the hands of our ancestors, are preserved to this day.

Travelers are encouraged to visit:

  1. Yaroslavl;
  2. Suzdal;
  3. Vladimir;
  4. Ivanovo;
  5. Pereyaslav-Zalessky;
  6. Sergiev Posad;
  7. Kostroma;
  8. Rostov the Great and others.

Going on a tour in May, you can admire the grandeur of Russian cities, as well as appreciate the beauty of nature in a gentle spring decoration.

To travel around the Golden Ring for two in May 2018 will have to spend from 13500 rubles. The cost depends on the saturation of the tour program.

Mineralnye Vody

If you have a lot of weekends in May, where to go on vacation to spend them with health benefits? Go to the Stavropol Territory. The Caucasian Mineral Waters has long been loved by tourists not only from different parts of our country, but also from neighboring countries.

Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk - these resorts are famous for their health springs with mineral-rich spring water.

Any of these cities is a suitable option for a sanatorium vacation that includes health treatments. Crystal clear air, calming views, warm weather - what more do you need for a good weekend!

A trip to Minvody for two people will cost from 30,000 rubles, including accommodation, meals and flights.


A land of forests, lakes and mountain rivers. Fans of eco-tourism will love a trip to Karelia. Here you can relax in peace and solitude, doing rafting or spending time fishing, because in May the rivers and lakes are just teeming with fish.

It is impossible to imagine a holiday in Karelia without excursions.

Tourists should definitely be inspired by the beauty:

  1. of the Ruskeala Mountain Park;
  2. Girvas and Kivach waterfalls;
  3. of the Kuzova Archipelago;
  4. Marcial waters;
  5. Marble Canyon and many other places of interest.

The most interesting excursion will be to a real Karelian village and the islands of Valaam and Kizhi.

To travel to Karelia in 2018 will have to spend from 35,000 rubles.


If you prefer to celebrate the May holidays in nature, go to the Tver region.

It is on its territory there is a system of lakes of glacial origin called Seliger, which unites 168 islands. This is 500 km of coastline, where you can relax in civilized conditions, and the savages. There are 110 rivers flowing into Seliger, while only one flows out.

It is a unique place, ideal for fishing and leisure time surrounded by flourishing nature.

Seliger scenic vistas are fascinating at first sight. Dark waters, majestic pines, small secluded islands - it all looks unusual and so soulful.

A lot of impressions travelers will get from visiting the town of Ostashkov, which is sometimes called the "Russian Venice.

For two people in May 2018 vacation on the Seliger will cost from 20 thousand rubles.

Altai Mountains

Incredible kaleidoscope of impressions will give May holidays in the Altai region. This is a magical place where the sky falls to the ground, where the air is crystal clear, and thousands of rivers and lakes and ask for paintings artists. Recreation in the Altai Mountains in May choose travelers who want to spend their vacations actively and even a little extreme.

What is a common leisure activity here:

  • fishing;
  • kayak rafting on violent mountain rivers;
  • mountaineering classes;
  • hikes on unexplored mountain routes;
  • horseback riding on the slopes.

What else is worth going to Altai in May? It is in this month you can catch a completely amazing spectacle - the flowering of maralchik, covering the mountain slopes with a dense carpet of dizzyingly fragrant lilac flowers.

Budget for two people in 2018: about 35 thousand rubles excluding the flight.

Azov coast

If you are planning on a modest budget for the May holidays, go to the Azov Sea. In Temryuk and Yeisk you can rest quite inexpensively, in May there is still no rush of tourists, the beaches are free and the sea waters are clean, although not warm enough for swimming.

In summer, the direction is especially popular with families with small children - the sea is quite shallow and very warm.

Going to the Azov Sea resorts, do not refuse to visit the Taman Peninsula. Here you can appreciate the rich historical heritage of the region - excavations of ancient settlements Phanagoria and Cimmeria. The green-covered steppes will add a special flavor to the antiquities.

Budget for two people in May 2018: from 30,000 rubles.

Black Sea coast

Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Kabardinka - the abundance of options is easy to confuse. May holidays at the Black Sea resorts promises to be pleasant and very rich. Numerous resorts, boarding houses, hotels and guest houses in May is already fully ready to receive guests. There is an abundance of entertainment and sightseeing programs.

What to do at the Black Sea resorts:

  • to look at the Olympic facilities in Sochi;
  • will be in time for the end of the ski season in Krasnaya Polyana;
  • walk to the ancient lighthouse on the waterfront of Anapa and look at the excavations of the ancient city of Gorgippia.

Choosing between resorts, it is worth remembering that a vacation in Sochi will cost more than the May vacations in Anapa or Gelendzhik.

Book a hotel in any resort city on the Black Sea coast on

Approximate cost of a long weekend at the Black Sea is 40-50 thousand rubles for two vacationers.

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