New Year's tours in Thailand: the choice of souvenirs

Every person who comes to Thailand as a tourist or with a business visit, tries, as a rule, to have time to see the main sights, as well as to collect a variety of local souvenirs to give them to their family and friends upon return. Searching for souvenirs is a long and thankless task. Time spent wandering around souvenir shops is better spent on excursions to tourist attractions. What to do? The answer, as always, is simple. After dark, go to the night market Saunlum, which is located in Bangkok. Here you will find absolutely everything you want. The cost of souvenirs is absolutely low, so you can not limit yourself when buying all sorts of nice little things.

New Year tours in Thailand You can visit the Saunlum Market, which offers beautiful Thai silks, glazed pottery, precious and semi-precious stones, and wood carvings. Traditional Thai souvenirs are elephants made of ebony in a variety of colors and sizes. Elephants in Thailand can be seen alive, and the statuette will remind you of it when you get home. If you are a collector - you will find interesting stamps, figurines, antique coins, collectible weapons, as well as t-shirts and mugs with drawings and inscriptions.

One of the main reasons why people go to Thailand are the precious stones and jewelry made of them. Prices for jewelry are relatively low, and the quality of products and the craftsmanship of Thai jewelers are the envy of renowned jewelers in Europe.

New Year's tours in Thailand: the choice of souvenirsClay dishes and pottery are also in good demand among tourists who have chosen a New Year's tour to Thailand. These products are of very high quality and have been exported outside of Thailand for centuries.

Artisans offer to buy wicker products. The craft of weaving is the oldest in Thailand. Here this method is used to make hats, baskets, jugs, mats and mats, all kinds of funny little things and even fences and house walls. It will be nice to have such a product in your home. And the local blacksmiths, who in ancient times made weapons for the Thai warriors, and now ready to offer the attention of foreign tourists beautiful blades of steel. The most famous forge is Aranyak in Ayutthaya.

These Thai crafts are known all over the world, once they were common everyday activities for ordinary Thai people. Now they have become an art form.

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