Insurance for pregnant women: tips and recommendations

Insurance for pregnant women: tips and recommendations

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of a woman's life, but it is during this period that she should be very careful in every way. For this reason, insurance companies have created a special insurance package - pregnancy insurance, thanks to which the future mother can feel safe even abroad.

It is important to know that in regular medical or travel insurance, pregnancy is not an insured event. So, if you go into labor, delivery or any unexpected situation related to pregnancy, the insurance company will not pay any money, because the case is not insured. If you wish to insure your life and the life of your baby, you should look for a travel insurance company that can take on such responsibility. Most insurance policies guarantee responsibility for the mother, but not for the child.

Pregnancy insurance is a separate type of insurance that has a number of subtleties. To make sure you don't make any mistakes, we encourage you to read the information below carefully.

The main features of insurance for pregnant women:

  1. All costs associated with childbirth (even premature childbirth), postpartum maintenance and care of the baby, and termination of pregnancy are uninsurable events with any insurance company. The only exception may be an interruption of pregnancy due to a threat to the life and livelihood of the mother.
  2. The maximum number of days for which you can get insurance for pregnant women is 10, in rare cases there are 14. However, if your trip will last a month, be prepared to spend the remaining half of the holiday hoping for ordinary health insurance.
  3. Any insurance company emphasizes the term of pregnancy. If you are only at the initial term - it will be easier to get a policy, but the closer to 9 months, the more difficult it is. For example, if your term has not reached 8 weeks - you will be insured at any company without special conditions, but if it is more than 24 weeks, then such a company will need to look very hard, and here with 31 weeks you will not undertake to insure any company. Do not forget that with the age of pregnancy increases the price of insurance. An interesting note is that all insurance companies register and calculate the term of pregnancy not at the time of documentation, but at the time of return from leave.
  4. Despite any total sum insured, the total sum insured that will cover your risks is no more than 5000 euros. Most often, this price of risks is fixed, but the remaining costs, if any, will fall on your personal savings.
  5. Most often, transportation of pregnant women to their home territory is not included in this type of insurance, but some insurance companies offer to purchase this service separately.

In any case, the most important thing to know is that insurance companies are willing to pay for the mother's medical expenses, but none of them take responsibility for the baby's health.

Where can I get pregnancy insurance?

There should not be any difficulties with the registration of insurance for pregnant women, because its registration is carried out just like any other. Most often, tourists arrange such a policy in travel companies and agencies. However, if there is no desire to go anywhere or trust travel agencies, there is always the option of an online application.

Seven days of insurance for pregnant women in the Schengen countries will cost from 400 to 450 rubles. This price implies that a woman is no more than 12 weeks old. The insurance will cost from 1000 to 3500 rubles for a woman at 24 weeks. The prices will start at 3500 rubles for periods up to 31 weeks, and then depend entirely on additional conditions of the company. It is important to note that only Rosgosstrakh can offer this type of insurance in the Russian Federation.

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