Top 3 misconceptions tourists have about the African continent

Many tourists and travelers bypass tours to Africa on the tenth road. The Black Continent scares away with the originality of civilization, the wildness of nature and underdeveloped medicine. Every European imagines a wilderness with a complete lack of infrastructure. And .. is almost always mistaken. Because Africa has everything that other tourist centers have.

Top 3 misconceptions tourists have about the African continent

So what are the main misconceptions about Africa?

1. Africa is a complete desert.

In reality, all kinds of climatic zones and belts are collected on the continent, and the largest territory is occupied by savannahs.

2. In Africa, people live in terrible conditions and eat whatever they can.

In reality, in every African country there are large cities where traditional multi-storey buildings form the basis of the architectural ensembles of the city. Huts and slums remained only in some villages in the outback.

The same situation is with food. In Africa, you really can find low-quality food, but in large cities there are many restaurants of international chains, fast food cafes, and of course, McDonalds.

3. There are no technical innovations in Africa.

In fact, all the latest technology reaches Africa at about the same rate as Asia or the CIS.

If you still muster up the courage and go to travel to Africa, the Black Continent will definitely refute all stereotypes and surprise you at first sight.

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