Transportation for comfortable travels

Summer is coming, and there is increasing interest in vehicles that will allow you to travel on the roads of our country and Europe, with maximum comfort. What to choose? To buy or to rent?

A very popular vehicle for auto travel is the camper. It is a house on wheels, which is slightly larger than a standard minivan. It is equipped with a kitchen and sanitary unit, at least two beds, a closet and still enough space to fit luggage. In this house on wheels it is convenient to travel with the whole family and do not deny yourself any benefits on the road.

Transportation for comfortable travels

Heating, water pump, refrigerator - run from the car mains, from gas (large cylinder which is included) or connected to an external power grid.

With all the conveniences of travel, the camper has significant disadvantages. The first is the average speed of travel, which is low and leads to a lot of stress on the driver.

Second - the body is made of plastic and rattles when driving.

Third - the driver's license must be of the "cargo" category.

An alternative to a camper can be a dacha trailer. It has almost the same conveniences, but, unfortunately, so do the problems. Overtaking and maneuvering on the road become a problem; you need an extra category of license, too. The only advantage over a camper is lower price.

Transportation for comfortable travels

When traveling in Europe, it is very difficult to maneuver on narrow streets. In many European cities, it is forbidden to enter this format of transport at all, and overnight stays are only possible in numerous specially equipped parking lots. They have an opportunity to connect to electricity, drain sewage, and stock up on drinking water. However, these parking lots in the tourist season are quite crowded.

The best way to travel with a mobile home or camper is to drive to your favorite "spot," stop in the parking lot, and travel around. Or just live in the motorhome like a summer house, putting it in a beautiful and deserted place.

Traveling with a motor home has many supporters and opponents. You can agree with them or not, or you can just travel by car, taking only a smartphone with you. After all, it is possible to book comfortable enough accommodation over the phone, driving up to the place you like.

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