If you are: a beginner diver. Useful tips

Diving, that is diving into the depths of the sea to see and perhaps even photograph picturesque corners and landscapes of the sea, has become a very popular pastime among tourists today. But many novice divers do not realize that this sport has its own little tricks and subtleties.

If you are: a beginner diver. Useful tips

So, it's not a bad idea to know some of the initial terms. For example, the terms introdakshin or introdive are used by experts to refer to a trial dive "in the arms" with a scuba diver. Typically, such a dive costs somewhere around $40. Cheaper rates simply do not happen, at least among bona fide institutions. If the resort offered you a dive for a modest $ 10-20, then immediately beware - probably these scammers, who have no documents and they do not have the proper permit. With such "professionals" diving may simply become a very dangerous occupation.

If you are: a beginner diver. Useful tips

When choosing a club where you want to try your hand at the art of scuba diving in the depths of the sea, consider the following factors. The center must be one of those certified by the major international diving organizations. The biggest and respectively best known of them are PADI, CMAS, IANTD, NAUI, etc. This way you will be safe, because such centers guarantee the safety of your health, and all the specialists of the center are professionally trained and have high qualifications.

So, you have already decided on the right club and have already signed up for your first test dive. What happens next? - you ask.

If you are: a beginner diver. Useful tips

1. First of all, you will be obligatorily familiarized with safety procedures. This is a condition from which no decent institution will deviate;

2. Next, you will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire, where you will need to describe any health problems, if any;

3. Then, actually, diving begins, fascinating and mesmerizing, and necessarily - under the close supervision of an instructor. And it is right, because any little thing for a beginner diver can become a huge problem.

We wish you success in mastering this extreme sport!

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