How to find a job in tourism

Travel agent

Working in a travel agency is a good way to monetize your love of travel. A fairly low threshold of entry into the profession gives a chance to realize in it people with a variety of backgrounds. There is also a specificity of its own.

What candidates are waiting in travel agencies will tell you who can become a successful travel agent.

The most important qualities for the applicant - sociability, the ability to dispose of people. A great advantage will also be:

  1. Experience of my own travels, especially in mass tourism countries. These include Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, countries of Southeast Asia, Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltics.
  2. Ability to go on business trips several times a year, if necessary to go to work on weekends and holidays.
  3. The ability to absorb large amounts of information and quickly find the necessary information on the Internet.
  4. Attentiveness and thoroughness, which are necessary to work with documents.
  5. Knowledge of spoken English.

The advantages of working in a travel agency

The profession of tourism manager involves a lot of pleasant moments:

  1. The opportunity to see other countries through promotional tours for employees. In this case, the cost of accommodation, meals and excursions is covered by the employer.
  2. Good discounts on trips for employees and their families. Participating in the bonus programs of tour operators, you can get a discount on your own vacation up to 70%.
  3. The opportunity to acquire a wide circle of acquaintances, as travel agency clients work in a variety of areas.
  4. Grateful customers often bring the manager who worked with them pleasant souvenirs from their vacation. Over time, you will have a stock of sweets, alcohol, original tableware and stationery from all over the world.

Who is not suited to work in tourism

Difficulties at the stage of employment can expect shy, poorly communicative people.

It is worth a good think for those who, due to life circumstances can not often and for a long time to go away from home.

Participating in promotional tours requires good physical fitness: as a rule, agents inspect 10-15 hotels a day. Each tour includes a tour of the grounds and rooms. You will have to walk a lot, often climbing stairs, remembering to record all the necessary information.

You also need to consider the seasonality of this work: earnings in the summer months can be very high, while in winter it will be several times lower.

The profession of tourism manager is very interesting and in demand - right now there are over 160 000 vacancies for tourism managers in Russia on To a keen person it will bring a lot of new impressions, useful connections and acquaintances, will provide a good income.

According to, the average salary of a tourism manager in Russia is 33,000 roubles a month. But of course, it all depends on the particular employer and the success of the manager himself.

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