Where to spend a weekend or vacation?

Where to spend a weekend or vacation?

Weekend on Seliger

If you want to spend a few days or a week surrounded by beautiful nature, on the shores of a huge lake and at the same time go on excursions, then Seliger is exactly what you need. Located between Moscow and St. Petersburg, the resort annually attracts thousands of tourists seeking peace and tranquility after the high pace of big cities. Rest on Seliger is a combination of magical nature, exciting fishing, hiking with tents and bonfires, the possibility of meeting new people and conducting spiritual practices.

Where to spend a weekend or vacation?

Excursions on Seliger

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, then after relaxing by the lake, go explore the local attractions.

- Nilovo-Stolobenskaya Hermitage - here you can visit a monastery, a temple, and also venerate the relics of St. Nil. And when you climb the bell tower, you will see an incredible panorama of the lake, islands and temples.

Where to spend a weekend or vacation?

- The source of the Volga is a sacred place for every inhabitant of Russia! The great, sung by many songs, the river begins here with a small ten-centimeter stream, the water of which has healing powers.

Where to spend a weekend or vacation?

“At the Holy Okovetsky Key, two miraculous icons appeared to the world and a holy spring was opened. You can plunge into one of the fonts with crystal clear spring water, healing the soul and body.

— In Ostashkov, the capital of Seliger, you will be met by curious squirrels, ancient cathedrals, churches and houses built of stone.

Where to spend a weekend or vacation?

— In Shirkov Pogost, visit the wooden church founded by John the Baptist. It is very clearly visible in good weather a few kilometers from the island.

On Seliger you can stay in a hotel, cottage or private sector, there are many options for any budget. Check out this beautiful resort. And you will be recharged with vivacity and good mood for a long time!

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