On vacation for miracles

If you've been to the sea more than once, cruised around warm countries, rested in a health resort, now try to go on vacation to go ... for the wonders, but not just to swim in the sea water. The impressions are guaranteed. What places on earth can give you during a vacation wonders and mysteries? Here are just a few of them (and not all, as you understand).

On vacation for miracles

The city of Jerusalem in Israel. The Wailing Wall

It is a deeply revered place for Jews, and not only for Jews, but also for adherents of other religions. Even atheists are in awe of it and come here in times of need ... to ask for help from the Most High.

There is a belief, and it has been confirmed for centuries (practically since the time of King Solomon), that prayer and asking for help at the Wailing Wall takes on a special power and strength. The pilgrims put notes with their requests for help between the stones of the Wailing Wall.

On vacation for miracles

Agra in India. Taj Mahal

It is a monument of love dedicated to Prince Khuramma's wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth. The strikingly beautiful snow-white architectural structure not only pleases the eyes of travelers, but lovers all over the world ask here for happy love, childless couples for long-awaited offspring. It is said that their wishes are often granted...

On vacation for miracles

Rome, the capital of Italy. Trevi Fountain

This is the most famous fountain in Italy. Travelers know that if you throw two coins into this fountain, you will find a lost love, if three, you can get ready for wedding ceremonies in general. The foundation of the fountain is based on a beautiful love story.

On vacation for miracles

Wonders of Tibet

The places here are difficult to reach because of the natural conditions, but for several months of the year pilgrims rush here from all corners of the world. It is believed that the legendary Shambhala, which connoisseurs assure us is located in Tibet, is the center of the whole world. It is majestic and tranquil. Enormous energetic powers lurk in these lands.

In Tibet, such places as Mount Meru and Lake Manasarovar are considered sacred and miraculous, the water in which is of a piercing turquoise color and is considered healing for all kinds of diseases. In Tibet you can get rid of all worries, purify your soul and heart.

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