River tourism

In Soviet times, many of our ancestors looked forward to vacations to go on river cruises. Now times have changed. It's the 21st century, and there is an opportunity to go abroad, both to hot and "cold" resorts.

River tourism

The duration of one such vacation on the river is from a week, not less. So what is this mysterious "river tourism«?

Another name for this type of recreation is water tourism. It can include anything. This and riding on boats, motor boats, recreation on the river, rafting on rafts, inflatable boats, kayaks. Such a vacation carries a passive recreation, as well as active. You have the opportunity to explore more closely the landscapes of this or that area. At the end of the cruise you will find inner peace and mental balance. Not to mention the cultural self-development. River walks will make you get away from external problems and withdraw into yourself, which is periodically necessary and important for everyone.

Water tourism usually refers to the so-called ecological tourism. After all, here you get a huge share of fresh air and solitude with nature. In addition, you have the opportunity to explore the local landscapes, the beauty of old villages and their attractions.

River tourism

Now river tourism is becoming more and more popular again. Many consumers are tired of the beauty of the monotonous sea and sandy beaches. And they, as a rule, in such cases, turn to this type of travel. Currently, among the most popular water cruises in our country include: tours to Valaam, cruises along the Volga and Danube. In Europe, however, are in demand cruises on the Seine, Rhine, Douro and Channon. European river tours are famous for their elegance. Here you are provided with the highest level of service and, what is important, a unique cultural program, interesting excursion material.

River tourism

However, many people prefer the azure blue boundless sea, trips on a motor ship. This is due to increased humidity in the cabin, staff service, the quality of restaurant food or unreasonable price. But not everywhere you get poor quality food or service. It's just that before choosing a travel company you need to know everything and check it all out. In general, it's a great vacation of the soul and inner self-development.

Such trips have different durations, mostly from one week. However, there are also weekend tours, and you can quite well go to the river tourism on weekends or holidays.

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