National Cuisine of Australia

National Cuisine of Australia

It's no secret that seafood is a favorite dish for Australians. But thanks to the established international relations, Australians can afford to try all the subtleties not only of their own cuisine, but also French, Japanese, Italian and many others. In this connection, Australian cuisine is a kind of mixture of national traditions and overseas delicacies.

National Cuisine of Australia

The seas surrounding Australia are home to a variety of fish. The most popular fish include eel, salmon, green oysters, mussels and, of course, crayfish. Australia's favourite dish is a meat-filled puff pastry called meat pie. Also recommended to try a dish called "marsupial" steak, a delicacy prepared from kangaroo meat and mushrooms. The brains in red wine are very tasty. You should also try the Australian salad, which will not leave anyone indifferent. It is prepared in the following way: thin slices of ham are rolled up in a tube, fresh cut cucumbers, apples, boiled celery are placed on top of it in layers, and everything is dressed with orange juice and mayonnaise. A very unusual dish is "Melbourne" chicken gravy. As a side dish, we serve fried eggplant cooked in equal parts butter and olive oil. Dessert lovers are encouraged to try kiwi with meringue and fresh cream. In general, the cuisine of Australia is an overabundance of all sorts of meat and fish exotic dishes.

Grilling meat or fish outdoors is a sport for Australians. The Fifth Continent is also famous for its famous wines, especially its white varieties. Australia is also home to the largest number of beers, not only for their variety, but also for their taste.

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