How to choose the right shoe size?

How to choose shoes

The main quality of good shoes is comfort. Who once had to walk all day in tight shoes, he will understand and will not argue. No matter how great the pair is, if the shoes are too small or too big, you can't wear them.

New shoes or boots should be comfortable all day long. Uncomfortable shoes cause foot problems: blisters, corns, joint deformities and ingrown toenails.

How to choose the right size shoe for an adult

Finding out your shoe size is easy. Measure the length and fullness of your foot, and then find a match in the size chart.

Correct foot measurement: length and fullness

  1. The length of the foot should not be measured by weight. Step with your whole body weight (not sitting) on a blank sheet of paper and draw the outline of the foot, holding a pencil or pen strictly vertically. Then draw parallel lines along the outermost places of the toes and the heel. The distance between these lines is the correct length of the foot.
  2. To determine the width of the foot, or rather, completeness, we measure the front of the foot at the base of the toes, at the widest point: from the big toe to the little finger.

To buy boots you may additionally need the volume of the lower leg and ankle - they are measured at the widest point.

The measurements are rounded up to 0.5 cm. For example, if the result is 23.2 cm, then the final result is 23.5 cm.

How do I choose the right shoe size if I know the length of my foot in centimeters? You need to find your measurements in the table and look at the corresponding size in the column. There are several methods of marking shoes, the most common are shown in the table.

Table of correspondence of women's shoes sizes

Length, cm21,522,022,523,023,524,024,525,025,526,026,527,027,528,028,5


Table of correspondence of men's shoes sizes

Length, cm25,025,526,026,527,027,528,028,529,029,530,031,032,0


To buy shoes on this site, determine the appropriate size from the table.

How to calculate the fullness of the foot

Shoe manufacturers do not always indicate the fullness on the package. If your foot is standard, you only need to know the size by the length of your foot to buy a comfortable shoe.

However, people with above-average foot fullness may benefit from a formula to determine the fullness of the foot:

W = 0.25 x B - 0.15 x C - A

W - Size by fullness of foot
В - foot volume at the base of the toes (in mm)
С - foot length (in mm)
А - fixed number (17 for men, 16 for women)

Example calculation: 0.25 х 230 - 0.15 х 250 - 17 = 4 (the fullness of the leg is 4)

How to choose and try on shoes for adults

It's important to calculate the right shoe size, but that's only half the battle. In order not to regret an unsuccessful purchase, it is better to take into account the tips on how to choose the right shoe size for an adult:

  1. When trying on shoes, do not be in a hurry. Put the new pair on both feet, fasten the locks, straps, Velcro, or tie the laces completely. Then walk around for a few minutes. Make sure the shoes do not squeeze, chafe, or hang too tightly on your foot.
  2. In the right shoes, the toes are loose, not cramped, and they can be wiggled. The longest toe should not rest on the toe. A gap of 0.7 - 1 centimeter in length and width is necessary.
  3. For cupped shoes and winter boots leave more stock: in the first case for comfort, in the second - for warm wear.
  4. Do not hope that any shoe will wear out over time. Only shoes made of quality leather and suede will fit. But even in this case, the wear will require time and extra effort.
  5. The heel must be well secured so that the heel is tightly covered. Otherwise, the foot will slip while walking and be injured.

How to choose shoes for adults

Never buy shoes without trying them on, based on size alone. It happens that the left and right feet are not exactly the same. Only a fitting will show which pair will be most comfortable. Some brands are "undersized" or "oversized," that is, the actual size does not quite match the label.

How to choose the right shoe size for your child

Children's feet need special attention. A child's feet are not yet formed and are constantly growing, so the wrong shoes can lead to joint deformities, poor posture. Children are not always aware that shoes cause them discomfort, so adults need to constantly monitor this issue. Children's feet can grow 1-3 sizes in one year.

How to choose the right shoe size for your child

How to measure a child's feet

To measure a child's foot, you can use the same method as for adults: outline the foot with a pencil or felt-tip pen on paper. The child should lean on the foot from which the measurement is taken. Then measure the resulting drawing of the foot by the furthest points in length and width.

In the case of children, it is better to repeat the procedure twice to avoid mistakes. After all, rarely can a baby stand still for a full minute.

How to measure a child's feet

Some parents don't just measure their child's foot, but cut out a paper trace and take it with them to the store. The paper trace can be put into the shoe and you can see how well it fits.

Knowing the length of the foot in centimeters, the child's foot size can be found in the table (for different marking systems).

Table of correspondence of sizes of children's and teenage shoes

Length, cmRussiaEuropeEnglandUSA


It is necessary to take into account some other peculiarities of shoe selection for children. Use the tips on how to choose the right shoe size for your child:

  1. Children often can't tell if their shoes fit or not. The right pair should fit so that your baby can easily wiggle his toes. The buckles and clasps should fit snugly around the foot, but not overly tight.
  2. The allowance for "growth" should not be more than 1 centimeter! A large stock of boots or boots will not give the necessary fixation of the foot, which is very traumatic. Children are mobile, and the joints and cartilages in the foot are still very soft, not fully formed.
  3. It is important for children's feet to choose shoes with a rigid heel back that holds the heel in place. However, it should not squeeze the heel, only hold it firmly in place.
  4. Do not pursue fashion and buy children beautiful shoes made of uncomfortable materials, such as patent leather. The material of children's shoes should be breathable, durable and fit well to the size of the foot.

The comfort of a shoe is as important as its color or design. A properly sized pair is a decoration, protection and care for your feet.

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