Your first association with the word "travel" is a bus or train, and you immediately start calculating how much money you'll need to spend on the road? Put those thoughts on the back shelf and hitchhike. This is a great opportunity to save on travel, meet a lot of interesting people and have a new look at travel. If you still think that it is not interesting, scary and not practical, then we will try to change your mind.

First of all, it saves money. Indeed, all over the world people hitchhike - and drivers willingly pick up travelers, because they themselves are quite bored on the road.

Secondly, before you open a lot of new unexplored roads - because the driver can be a very interesting person, and convince him to take you to a place where you had not planned to go, but about which he told you a lot of interesting things.

And, of course, the ability not to adjust to bus schedules, and start traveling where you want and how you want.

Catch transport should be on the highway - after all, it is on the highway cars with intercity direction. Do not stop at crossroads and in a busy place - there the driver is more difficult to stop. Also, experienced "hitchhikers" use cardboard signs, on which in large letters are written the name of the settlement you are going to. If you stop - tell the person right away that you are hitchhiking and expect that he will give you a lift for free. Do not get into suspicious drivers and especially if he rudely insists on a ride - in those moments you must be very careful and think about your safety.


Also, do not pull three bags of things - take the most basic things. It is better to bring a backpack, which will be easier to carry on your shoulders than a bag in your hand. Standard first aid kit should also be with you - first aid medicine and lotions for insects. Also try to ensure that you always have food - you do not know where and when you will have lunch.

It is more interesting to hitchhike to places you haven't been before - then everything will be right in front of you and you.

So if you are a companionable person who is ready for new adventures and for hour-long conversations with new people - then don't put it off - but go on a free trip at the first opportunity! Who knows - maybe this trip will attract your attention to a new hobby or you'll meet a new friend or even a soul mate.

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