The most unusual import bans in different countries

The most unusual import bans in different countries

It is probably no secret that foreign economic activity is subject to special laws. Cargo coming into the country from abroad undergoes proper customs clearance in accordance with the current legislation. Such rules exist not only in our country, but also in other countries. Moreover, they apply to those situations when you yourself with your luggage cross the border. It is worth knowing in advance what you should not take with you into a particular country.

Rules for importing goods

If you've traveled at least once, you've probably noticed the list of items prohibited for carriage. It includes weapons, sharp objects, medicines, drugs, etc. In addition, each country adds its own items to this list. For example, it is not recommended to take electrical appliances to Cuba. We are not talking about bulky goods. Even a harmless iron or hair dryer can be taken away from you at the border.

There are a lot of subtleties that are sometimes difficult to figure out. But it is better not to bring musical instruments to New Zealand. Unless you are committed to taking them back. Music in the country pays special attention. It sells professional music equipment and has excellent recording studios.

The most unusual import bans in different countries

Perhaps in our country no one will be perplexed by a girl or a young man wearing camouflage-colored clothing. If you go to the Caribbean, however, such items of closet are better left at home. Here camouflage is designed for the military and the locals have no way of understanding how such attire can be appropriate in the closet of ordinary people.

Be careful with pills. Even those that seem quite harmless and mandatory in our medicine cabinet may be perceived differently. In the Philippines, for example, any contraceptives, birth control pills, or other medications that can be used to terminate a pregnancy may be confiscated. Abortion is prohibited here. And in the UAE, you cannot bring into the UAE certain painkillers and sedatives like Corvalol, Solpadeine, etc.

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