Bicycle tourism and its peculiarities

Bicycle tourism and its peculiaritiesBicycle tourism and its peculiarities Perhaps one of the most exciting and inexpensive types of tourism is cycling tourism. True, to travel in this way, you need not only a bicycle, but also decent physical fitness.

The history of such a type of transport as a bicycle begins in the 15th century. It was then that they began to use designs that vaguely resemble modern bicycles. True, the development of this means, as a full-fledged mode of transport, began only in the 19th century.

Since 1870, Hillman began to produce bicycles equipped with high wheels, and in 1888 the first low bicycle equipped with a chain drive appeared. It was called "rover", and its weight was as much as 20 kilograms. When air-filled tires were invented in 1888, the two-wheeled bicycle became one of the most popular modes of transport.

Modern manufacturers share several types of bicycles:

1. City bike.

From the name it becomes clear that the main task of such bicycles is to move around the city. A key design feature is the use of a multi-speed planetary hub, as well as the ability to change speed in any conditions.

2. Road bike

A road bike is used to move at high speeds on high-quality asphalt. It is on these bikes that cycling races are held, such as the Giro di Italia, Tour de France, as well as competitions at the Olympic Games. Such bikes, as well as a specially prepared sports bike, are usually quite expensive, as they are intended for professional athletes.

3. Touring bike

Bicycles of this type are used to move along tourist routes. It can be both short and very long trips. By their design, touring bikes are slightly reminiscent of road bikes, but they are distinguished by increased comfort and stability.

Bicycle tourism and its peculiaritiesBicycle tourism and its peculiarities Perhaps, of all types of tourism, cycling is the most profitable. After all, a bicycle does not require fuel, and it can go where other modes of transport simply cannot go.

The undoubted advantages of using bicycles include the fact that moving on it helps to improve health. The work of the heart improves, the muscles of the legs develop.

There are two types of cycling trips - these are cycling tours and cycling trips. Travelers participating in cycling tours travel without luggage, as it is carried in the accompanying transport. In cycling trips, this possibility is usually not provided.

In the west, cycling is very popular. According to travel agencies, about a million tourists travel around Europe on bicycles every year. In many civilized countries, special bike lanes are allocated for the convenience of cyclists.

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