Famous European roads

The Romantic Road. This is the name of the tourist route in Germany. It begins in Würzburg, where you can visit a Baroque palace. Then along the route there are villages and forests, and historical ruins and churches. The length of the route is 290 kilometers with a quality surface. With the appearance of the Bavarian Alps and the royal castle Neuschwanstein, which "touches" the sky with its pointed towers, the "romantic" road ends.

Famous European roads

Napoleon's road in France. Napoleon, returning from Elba, moved from the Côte d'Azur to Grenoble. The start of the road is the Bay of Juan, where orange orchards and green hills grow. The road begins to curve near the cliffs behind Grasse. On the slopes you can see the spires of churches with medieval history. Beyond Castellane the majesty of Verdon Canyon - a babbling river and steep cliffs. On the way you will periodically encounter fresh food markets, lakes, fields and fortresses.

Famous European roadsFamous European roads In Greece, starting from the town of Ioannina, from the dark blue lake near the monasteries of Meteora, begins a road that zigzags through olive orchards and meadows, rising up to Kataras. This pass has some of the most winding serpentines in the world. But soon the road heads in a straight direction and the red roofs of the more than 450 year old buildings are visible. There are cafes in the town of Kalambaki.

The Ring of Kerry is the Golden Ring of Ireland. Pastures and the Atlantic Ocean create a picturesque picture. The sandy beaches are perfect and almost untouched by man. The road looping near coves and villages leads to another part of the Emerald Isle's history - the country's middle name, Ross Castle. Any tourist who stops by the local pub is sure to get a taste of a frothy Guinness.

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