Crimean Peninsula : fascinating hot air balloon flight

This amazing and breathtaking Crimea ... Its diverse diversity, amazing landscapes you will see in a completely different way, if you look down from the basket of the balloon ...

Crimean Peninsula : fascinating hot air balloon flight

A leisurely and proud hot air balloon flight over the most picturesque corners of the Crimean peninsula will fully let you enjoy the indescribable and awe-inspiring beauty of these unforgettable places! You will get a chance to merge with nature, and even involuntarily hold your breath, afraid to scare away this beauty, spreading out before you. You will be able to float between the sky and the earth thanks to a balloon, and see at one and the same moment the Azov and the Black Seas...

Or, for example, you will have the opportunity to slip a few centimeters above the surface of the ground, slightly touching the grass itself, and hear the sound it makes when you touch the basket. You will be able to touch the leaves of trees with your hands, or see your reflection in the very center of a lake or river! What other flying machine can give you all these opportunities? And if you during the hot air balloon flight over the Crimean peninsula will record everything you see by taking pictures or video shooting these inexpressible feelings will remain not only in your soul.

Watching the flight leaves no less colorful impressions. Seeing a cloth lying on the grass ten minutes ago turn into a huge aircraft at least five stories high is an incomparable sensation!

The balloon also looks effective with tethered advertising. Especially at night, using internal illumination. Such a spectacle always gathers a lot of spectators, and the people who took advantage of this type of recreation are the real lucky ones.

Perhaps the most vivid experience is flying in a hot air balloon!

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