How to have a carefree and fun vacation at sea for reasonable money

With the arrival of warm spring days we all begin to think about vacation, eagerly counting the days until summer and making grand plans that do not always come true. So we need to think about everything in advance and seriously.

Where to go so as not to spoil your vacation, to return home slimmed down, rejuvenated and happy.

How to have a carefree and fun vacation at sea for reasonable money

A favorite vacation destination for many of our fellow citizens have become resorts in the Krasnodar region. To feel the atmosphere of sunny warmth, tender and gentle waves of the Black Sea, fabulous discoveries and amazing adventures, it is not necessary to go far. All the attributes of a fascinating vacation is in these hospitable places.

You can enjoy the fragrant sea air, sunbathe on the hot sand under the gentle rays of the sun, dip into the waves of the sea, get a powerful charge of energy for the whole next year. Kuban vegetables and fruits, grown under the hot southern sun, are also at your disposal.

On the shore of the warm amazingly beautiful sea you gain strength, improve their health.

One of the most beautiful places in the Krasnodar region - the village Divnomorskoye. Vacationers are greeted here by unique nature, clean and warm sea. The village lies in a picturesque valley 12 kilometers from the famous resort of Gelendzhik.

How to have a carefree and fun vacation at sea for reasonable money

Even the air here is special. It is filled with a resinous aroma, mixed with the salty smell of the sea. The pine grove stretches for many kilometers in the direction of the village Dzhankhot and Praskoveyevka village. Pitsundskaya pine, which grows in these places, is included in the Red Book.

A wonderful way to get a lot of bright and unforgettable impressions - take a walk in a pine grove, breathe the healing air. After all, iodized sea air, combined with essential oils and phytoncides of juniper and pine create an atmosphere unique in its therapeutic properties.

For those who like to have fun here also extends a huge field of activity. Divnomorsk offers a lot of entertainment. You can go to the oceanarium, dolphinarium or water park in Gelendzhik, sea fishing or in the open sea on an excursion. Get an unforgettable experience is possible by visiting the Valley of Lotuses in Taman.

When you get bored with excursions, beach activities do not disappoint either. Extreme lovers will ride jet skis, tablets, bananas, get the opportunity to soar into the sky with a parachute. Such experiences, no doubt, will remain in your memory for life.

Nightlife Divnomorsk is also very diverse. There are numerous cafes and nightclubs. Some of them are open all night. If you come to Divnomorsk on vacation, you will never regret it.

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