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Turkey makes the most of its opportunities to attract tourists to the country. Tens of millions of guests fill Turkish hotels and beaches every year. Among them are many Europeans and Russian citizens who have long mastered the Turkish direction.

Benefits of a Turkish holiday

The organization of tourism in Turkey is mainly based on middle-income guests who want to get the most comfortable living conditions for their money. This goal is achieved by several means at once:

  1. The famous all-inclusive service, which means affordable price and no food problems.
  2. Multiple destinations available:
  • family;
  • youth;
  • sightseeing;
  • extreme;
  • wellness.
  1. Creating a comfortable environment for guests, including the presence of Russian-speaking staff.
  2. Creating conditions for profitable purchases of goods of decent quality at an affordable price.

Turkey on the map:

Turkish resorts

Turkish resorts are distinguished by a fairly specific orientation towards a specific category of guests. This applies to pricing policy and direction of recreation. Do not think that holidays in Turkey are designed only for budget prices. There are enough luxury hotels with expensive service. The famous all-inclusive system can vary significantly depending on the cost of accommodation. Higher prices imply an expansion of the list and quality of services that are guaranteed to guests.

Resort features

The resorts of Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Side, Fethiye are good for family and relaxing holidays, although in the high season it becomes noisy and crowded. However, this remark applies to most Turkish resorts. The way out is to find a place to stay away from the center.

Hotels in these resorts differ in different price ranges. But everywhere the necessary conditions for children are offered. These are convenient beaches and pools, slides, entertainment. The presence of green areas saves children from local heat and direct sunlight. The difference in price largely depends on the remoteness of the hotel from the first coastline.

The resorts of Alanya, Marmaris, Bodrum are recognized as hangout centers for young people who spend a lot of time at parties. There are also conditions for active recreation on the water. This is diving, windsurfing, kiting. The picture of rest with noisy music is complemented by a variety of shows, performances by musicians and an interesting excursion program.

The city of Dalaman is on the list somewhat apart. It is used as a transit point on the way to other resorts, because there is an international airport here. But the resort is gradually gaining popularity due to the presence of thermal springs and therapeutic volcanic mud.

The beaches attract with their pristine beauty, which means that there is a chance to be “alone with nature”. The Dalaman river of the same name has areas for rafting. Nearby lies a mountain lake with decent fishing. Horse riding and jeep rides are organized in the picturesque surroundings. You can test your golf skills on an elite golf course.

Tours in Turkey

The history of Turkey goes back thousands of years. Lovers of antiquity can see here the places described in holy books, myths and historical chronicles. The excavations of Troy, the rock monasteries of the first Christians in Cappadocia are amazing.

They are not inferior to the majestic ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, in which the House of the Holy Virgin Mary is located. According to legend, the Virgin Mary was brought to Ephesus by John, fulfilling the order of Jesus Christ.

Istanbul is an amazing city with an ancient history. It changed its name several times. It was Byzantium, Constantinople, in Slavic sources - Constantinople. The city lies on both sides of the Bosporus, divided into European and Asian parts. Antique, Christian and Muslim monuments are mixed here, which are known from numerous photographs in advertising booklets.

They must be seen with your own eyes in order to understand that not a single image is capable of conveying grandeur and beauty. Modern Istanbul with bridges across the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, a tunnel under the strait, mosques, bazaars and parks creates a unique atmosphere.

Nature has given Turkey several real wonders of the world. The volcanic landscapes of Cappadocia look absolutely fantastic. No less amazing is Pamukkale. Here, mountain springs have created amazing terraces of white limestone over thousands of years.

The largest and most beautiful lake Van in Turkey deserves attention. In the place where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas converged, the Oludeniz reserve was created. The North Anatolian mountains are waiting for climbers and those who like to walk through alpine meadows. The Biblical Mount Ararat is located in Turkey.

Gastronomic Turkey

The all-inclusive system frees you from food problems. But real Turkish cuisine cannot be neglected, otherwise the impression of the country will remain incomplete. The gastronomic diversity of Turkey will satisfy every taste. Meat-eaters will find dishes from different types of meat. Vegetarians will enjoy the richness of vegetables and fruits.

It is especially necessary to feel the rhythm of a leisurely oriental meal. Turkish breakfast is not a sip of instant coffee with a sandwich. This is a ceremony with the serving of several types of cheeses, fruit jam, juice and tea with tomatoes, cucumbers and olives. Mandatory eggs cooked according to special recipes. All this is accompanied by unsurpassed local pastries.

The phrase "Turkish coffee" speaks for itself. Coffee is drunk everywhere and always accompanied by Turkish sweets. From their names you immediately forget about extra calories and enjoy life: baklava, Turkish delight, kunefe, kadaif and pashmaniye.

How to get to Turkey?

Airplane is the easiest and most reliable way to get to Turkey quickly and without problems. It offers tourists a large selection of regular flights and charters in the high season. From Sochi in the summer it is easy to get by boat to Trabzon in 3-4 hours, although this city is not among the popular tourist centers. So, further across the country you will have to move on your own.

When is the best time to go to Turkey?

Turkey welcomes guests all year round. The high season in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara Seas lasts from April until almost the beginning of November. July and August are the hottest months, but this does not stop the flow of holidaymakers on the beaches. The Black Sea is comfortable from May to September. In winter, temperatures drop below -10°C and the season begins at popular ski resorts. Service and slopes are excellent here, and prices are lower than in Europe. It is better to go on shopping tours in spring and autumn.

In the low season, many hotels close, but others significantly reduce prices. You can rest easy and enjoy the mild weather and thematic excursions. Spring, when there are still few tourists, is an ideal time for recovery. Thermal springs and mud baths, Turkish baths and treatment centers can solve many health problems.

Expert advice

  1. Last-minute tours should be "caught" at the beginning of the beach season (April-May), and then closer to its end (September-October). Savings can range from 15 to 50%.
  2. Family holidays are possible in all hotels. Children up to a certain age can stay with their parents free of charge or at half price.
  3. A visa is not required for citizens of the Russian Federation.
  4. In Turkey, independent tourism is gaining popularity. Without problems, in almost every resort town you can rent a car and you can start the journey according to your own program.
  5. In Turkish trading establishments and, of course, in Turkish bazaars, it is customary to bargain. This is a whole science and ritual, although not complicated. Mastering a few tricks is not difficult and you can enjoy communication. Become friends with the seller and he will definitely give you a decent discount.

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