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"Last minute trips", "last minute tours" - such tempting ads plastered all over the numerous portals of travel agencies. But where do these, such alluring hottest toursand how do they differ from the usual vouchers?

The demand for travel to a particular tourist destination depends on numerous reasons, starting from a certain time of year, even if the climatic conditions of some exotic island and accompanies the reception of guests all year round, there are definitely seasons that are most favorable for recreation and certain entertainment, such as diving; the opportunity to visit an event - the World Cup, a national holiday, etc. But there are also periods of decline: the favorable season ended, there was a natural disaster, the rainy season began or a military conflict - even in a neighboring country. The consequence of such objective reasons and force majeure is a decrease in interest in the country and the rejection of tourists from tours to these destinations.

That is when tour operators have special offers - "hot deals", which are offered at lower prices, but with the same service conditions. However, the reason for such an offer may be increased competition between travel agencies offering tours to the same destination.

The hottest tours Should not be confused "hot stays" and a special offer from the travel agencies - tours with a significant discount, which is usually valid when ordering in advance and paying in advance tour. In this situation it is possible to plan your vacation in advance and choose among the many travel packages. In the case of "last minute stays" - most often sold out of the remaining, unsold in the season, tours.

The concept of "last minute tours" has become largely associated with a low cost tour - however, without losing in the quality of services - rather than a tour "lust minute", that is, shortly before the deadline of the trip. Nevertheless, in order to travel you are not disappointed - read in advance all the conditions of the proposed rest, so that the long-awaited hottest tours do not become an unpleasant surprise.

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