Gastronomic tourism

We all love recreation, but we do it in different ways. If the sea and the beach are not the only indicators of a good holiday for you, then you should join the "gastronomic tourism". In recent years, this type of tourism is becoming more and more popular. Gastronomic tourism - is a themed holiday for real gourmets, a carefully planned trip through the regions of the country, where you will enjoy the original, exquisite dishes of local recipes, as well as be able to appreciate the atmosphere and environment of each establishment, where you will visit. After all, it gives the opportunity not only to see the delights of another country, but also through the prism of national cuisine to get acquainted closer with the culture and life of its people.

Gastronomic tourism

There are many varieties of gastronomic tourism: rural or so-called "green" tourism - visiting farms and collecting there vegetables, fruits, truffle hunting or a trip to places of winemaking. It will give you the opportunity to enjoy environmentally friendly, fresh products. Or city tourism - a trip to cheese factories, confectioneries, sausage factories, etc., as well as restaurants and cafes in the national style.

Also differentiate tours depending on the goals of the tourist: during the sightseeing tour - you can not only try local food and drink, but also to learn about the peculiarities of national cuisine, to see directly the technology of cooking or food. Carry out as well specialized travel - it is gastronomic tours with learning how to taste or prepare food. That is, you will be accompanied by chefs who not only share the secrets of cooking, but also learn how to cook. And, of course, visiting festivals - this type of gastronomic tourism is the most fun. You can visit Beaujolais Nouveau in France, Oktoberfest in Germany, San Fermin in Spain and others.

Gastronomic tourism

There are beer, wine, cheese or sushi tours, where you get a lot of pleasure traveling through the chosen country and enjoying its cuisine. Some travel agencies offer an introduction to the same product or dish in different countries, such as beer tours in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium.

The most developed and popular today is wine gastronomic tourism, which includes visits to wineries, tasting and buying wine directly from producers. It is also possible to walk through the vineyards, ancient cellars.

So gastronomic tourism - it is very diverse and exciting vacation for true gourmets.

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