Africa: where and when to go?

Africa: where and when to go?
Many people have stereotypes about Africa as an unknown, little-studied, black continent with wild animals and a whole bunch of dangers. However, Africa is diverse. Here is a complete list of countries in Africa. Cultural and climatic features, traditions, history, mentality, cuisine - all this changes from region to region, this also applies to the standard of living.

Decided to go to Africa for the first time? We will try to reveal the most common questions about this amazing continent as accessible as possible.

The inhabitants consider Africa to be a place where wild tribes fight with spears or use Kalashnikovs in military operations. To others, the continent appears as continuous scorched savannahs, antelopes are fleeing from hungry and bloodthirsty leopards against the backdrop of Kilimanjaro.

A few reasons to go to Africa

What is interesting Africa for travel:

  • Visiting many tribes with interesting traditions and unique culture (for example, the Masaev, Mursiev, San, Himba, Zulu tribes, etc.).
  • Safari trip to Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania.
  • Holidays in the Seychelles, Reunion and Mauritius, as well as on the numerous beaches of the Indian Ocean.
  • Walk through the Stone Forest of Tsingy on the legendary island of Madagascar, climb Table Mountain (Cape Town) and Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), visit Victoria Falls (border between Zimbabwe and Zambia), Pink Lake (Senegal), Okovango River Delta (Botswana), Nyiragongo Volcano ( Congo).
  • Exclusive vacation - skiing in the ski resort of Lesotho (relevant from July to August).

Danger level

Africa is a huge continent, and therefore, putting an unambiguous stigma of danger on the entire territory is wrong. Its length only from south to north reaches 8 thousand kilometers. This distance is equal to the length of the journey from Moscow to Chicago.

Many countries here are specifically aimed at tourists, so there is nothing to be afraid of. It is enough to carefully study the features, current news and the economic level of the country you want to go to.

How are vaccinations going?

The need for a particular vaccination depends on the country chosen for visiting. So, for a trip to Tunisia, South Africa, or Morocco, vaccinations will not be needed. Before traveling to other countries of the continent, we recommend getting vaccinated against typhoid, yellow fever, hepatitis A and B.

As for the popular tourist destinations in Africa, a vaccination certificate is required only in Tanzania. In its absence, the procedure will have to be repeated. Often, you can use a smartphone or tablet with a photo of the certificate as confirmation, but it is still better to have it on hand.

All about malaria

The dangers of malaria are known to almost every traveler. Also, there is no vaccine for it. To avoid contracting this disease, it is necessary to avoid the rainy season, when malarial mosquitoes are not active, and the chance of getting infected tends to zero.

Having decided to go to the malaria zone, it is recommended to take special antimalarial pills for preventive purposes. The most effective of them are: Melanil, Larinam and Malaron. There are also many other effective drugs.

Visiting African national parks is also recommended during the drought period. At this time, there is no malaria, and the animals can be seen much better.

The best holiday season

Africa can be roughly divided into three zones. The first is Northern (to the Sahara Desert), where it is hot from June to August, and cold from December to February. The best time to visit is spring and autumn.

Countries located south of the Sahara Desert and closer to the Southern Tropics are distinguished by a hot day (the temperature almost always stays at + 28 ... + 30 degrees). At night, it drops to a level of +15 degrees. The exception is the countries of West Africa (Gulf of Guinea). Here it is stable at +25 degrees, but all year round there is an increased level of humidity and it often rains.

In South and East Africa, the rainy season lasts from November to April. At the same time, this is the hottest time of the year. The coldest is the dry season (from June to October). Sometimes it even snows in South Africa.

The best beaches in Africa

There are quite a few places for a full-fledged beach holiday in Africa:

  • Zanzibar, Tanzania. Here the beaches are distinguished by excellent views and beauties of nature. Many say that they resemble the Maldives. The water here is always warm, in addition to swimming, you can take one of the many sightseeing tours, or go kiting.
  • Kenya, Mombasa beaches.

The beaches of South Africa are also suitable for swimming, but not everywhere, due to the cold currents. The best places for a beach holiday are the regions of Kwa-Zulu and Cape.

The island part of Africa deserves special attention. Madagascar, Seychelles, Mozambique and Mauritius are good resorts with developed infrastructure and a high level of service. However, it is worth remembering that due to the great popularity, the prices of these resorts are greatly inflated.

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