Selecting last minute packages

Tour operators are commercial organizations whose main goal is to maximize profits. On this basis, many players in the market begin to carry out various combinations: someone puts a big profit in the trip and sells the tour until the last moment, someone tries to reduce the cost of the tour as much as possible, compensating it with a large volume of sales.

Both one and the other have failures - unsold tours. Here begins the most interesting thing for people: travel agencies begin to offer last minute trips. This is done, in most cases, only for one reason - to minimize losses. So, before the departure ticket can cost many times less than its original value. And then let's look at how to select the last minute trips with the benefits for themselves.

Selecting last minute packages

More often than not you can get on a hot tour in the following situations.

Off-season. During this period, many hotels are empty, so the administration tries to earn at least some money. Most often this happens by providing discounts on accommodation. On this basis, the price of the tour decreases. As for the quality of service, then there is no need to worry. During such periods the tourists will be served no worse, and sometimes even much better than usual. There are two reasons for this: the fight for each client, free staff (fewer residents, less work for the staff).

The beginning and the end of charter programs. It often happens that the first and last flights are not filled completely. To compensate for these costs, tour operators try to fill the empty seats with last minute trips. However, there are exceptions. For example Spain and Croatia. Very often in these countries is warm autumn. It strongly attracts tourists and the last flights are filled to capacity.

The middle of the season. At this time there is also an opportunity to buy a tour at a discount. This happens for one simple reason - too low demand compared to expectations. In this case, the tour operator will do everything to fill the flights (otherwise it can just go bankrupt). There is one caveat - do not buy the lowest tours, it is better to choose something in between. Sometimes too low a cost of the tour says not about the miscalculation of tour operators, but about some internal problems at the resort. As a result, you can pay for a low-quality vacation.

The best time to buy a last minute tour

Selecting last minute packages There is no clear recommendation on how many days before departure to purchase a ticket. You can do it a week or a day before departure. The only thing that always takes place - the closer to departure, the cheaper it is. However, you should immediately pay attention to the fact that the selection of last minute trips, in some aspects, does not give the tourist a choice. For example, the choice of hotel - will have to settle wherever the operator says. The list may not be the country to which he wanted to go. Expensive hotels, luxury resorts rarely qualify for discounts. Discounted Tours will be a suitable option for those who have spontaneously decided to rest, and no matter where, as well as for people who are tight of money, but want to fully relax abroad. Very often warm tours attract young people and students.

In what destinations and at what time the most hot tours are sold.

The bulk of discounted stays are in mass resort countries: Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus. It is especially strong during Ramadan in Islamic countries and Christmas and New Year in European countries. It is possible to go on vacation for half price during unpopular periods for the countries.

An interesting fact: to predict the emergence of a hot ticket to a particular country more often than not is not possible. It happens that the weather in the country is good, and the political situation is stable, but half of the tickets are not sold out. Why this happens - a mystery. And what difference does it make, if it is possible to buy a ticket at a reduced price and quality rest side by side with those people who have purchased tours on general terms.

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