Hitchhiking through Europe

Hitchhiking is also one of the areas of tourism. Not everyone dares this kind of travel, but there are people who enjoy the extreme peculiarity of tourism, it does not require significant finances. It would seem that it would be easier to raise your hand and that's it, you're a tourist, but sometimes there are difficult situations.

Those who hitchhike for the first time can be given some advice. First, think through your route, experienced hitchhikers start with this. Mark the point of departure and point of arrival, buying a road map. The category of the chosen route is not unimportant. Naturally, a large highway busy traffic and catch transport will be faster. Initially, choose a very simple route, which runs on a federal highway, they are designated by the number E95.

Hitchhiking through Europe

What should you take with you when you are going to travel. It would seem a simple question. But in addition to the minimum set of things be sure to bring all the documents that can provide proof of your identity. Sooner or later you will have to go on foot and then the backpack will be a hindrance. This kind of tourist will put a doubt on the passing transport and reduce the chance to travel further. Be sure to bring money about 100 - 200 dollars, which will give you considerable support in unforeseen circumstances, useful little first aid kit with bandages, grease, antibiotics. Personal hygiene items should also not be forgotten. Drinking water is vital. A small flask of liquor will also come in handy. Food should not be perishable, do not take much space it can be nuts and cookies, chocolate and cheese. You can stay without lodging, in this case, you need to take a tent.

Hitchhiking through Europe

Traveling as a tourist alone be tidy. This increases the chances that the car will stop. Sympathy is aroused by traveling couples. How to give a sign to stop traffic? There is a certain gesture for this, to extend your hand with your thumb up.

You stopped your first vehicle, now you can do it a second time. The experience you have gained will give you confidence. But remember, such tourism is extreme and it is not recommended for beginners to travel long distances, start with short routes, gain experience. Automotive tourism is for the strong in spirit.

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