Minimum travel kit

Minimum travel kit

What you need to take with you when you travel

Every experienced traveler has faced this problem: at home all the things put in the bag seemed necessary and important, but on the road most of them simply were not useful. A carefully folded waffle was successfully forgotten, but a set of screwdrivers for some reason lies in the pocket and has remained unclaimed. In order not to take unnecessary things with you, it is better to listen to the advice of experts who know exactly what items will be of paramount importance for you in the campaign. First, you need to choose the right bag or backpack. If you plan to travel light, it is worth abandoning the cumbersome luggage, and opt for a compact backpack of 25 liters.


The essentials are shoes, clothing, personal hygiene items, tech wipes, and necessary equipment. Shoes should be lightweight and take up minimal space in the backpack. It is best not to take two pairs of the same type of shoes, ideally, if it will be one pair of lightweight shoes and sneakers. Clothing is also not worth a lot. Necessary will be comfortable shorts or pants, T-shirts and a windbreaker. In this case, sets should go well together and be comfortable, from new things, or not in size it is better to give up. Underwear can be taken at your discretion, it usually does not take much space.

Minimum travel kit

Appliances and bath accessories

There is no need to bring a laptop, especially if you can get by with one smartphone. If it has a good camera, you can not take a heavy camera, too, but it's all provided that the charging is not a problem. Bath accessories should be taken only if you organize a trip to an exotic country or a long road. Suitable is a microfiber towel, tooth cheek, toothpaste, shampoo bags, liquid soap. If there are health problems, it is necessary to put in a separate kit all the necessary drugs, make them better with a little stock, as in the pharmacies in another country they may not be sold. Here's such a simple list of things that will be needed on any trip.

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