Wedding journey in the car

Wedding journey in the car

If you have a desire to travel the world, on your honeymoon, and haven't chosen a destination where to go, a good option is to take a car and the road will take you on your honeymoon to your dream.

Most newlyweds are picky about details. So usually without starting, we already know what will happen at any point in the vacation. If you're feeling adventurous and want to enjoy your honeymoon, you can take the car and go meet the adventures.

If you have a desire to begin this journey, take note of the tips below:

One of the best views of nature on the planet, can be found on European roads. This trip will not only give you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty, but it will also amaze you. After a wedding that just gave you a bunch of emotions, traveling through Europe will not be faded and gray.

If you have your own car, you don't need to be aware of train or plane schedules, or rely on cabs or public transportation to get you around town. If you travel by car, you can greatly reduce the cost of your wedding trip.

Which direction to choose?

There is a wide range of possibilities, here are three of them, for example:

Wedding journey in the car

Beautiful Italy: one of the most beautiful places of the country is on the Amalfi coast. We recommend to reach Salerno and then turn to Amalfi, where the crystal clear beaches seem to be a paradise in the Caribbean Sea. You can continue in the direction of Ravello, visit the more bohemian artísiticas, the Emerald Cave, where the color of the water changes due to the situation, and finally you can visit Furore, located on the fjords, from which you can admire a magnificent view.

Spain: always enjoy the glory of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. In the north of Spain, find an itinerary for your wonderful honeymoon. You can visit the areas of the mouth of Galicia, see the incredible green fields of Asturias, admire the stunning landscapes of the Basque Country or the wonderful people of the coast of Cantabria.

Romanticism pervades Bavaria: majestic castles and tales of knights and princesses, battles and adventures. That's what you'll find in the magic of Bavaria in Germany, where you can travel after your wedding. The journey begins in Würzburg, where there is a baroque palace with lots of ancient weapons hanging on the walls. Continue on to Rothenburg ob der Tauber with its medieval walls that still seem impregnable. Another obligatory stop is in Füssen, famous for its spas, where you can just relax.

No matter what country or city you choose for your honeymoon, the main thing that you get the baggage of memories for life.

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