The best erotic massage parlors in Moscow

It is very difficult to find a good massage parlor and at the same time a qualified specialist. Many people overlook certain details that can greatly affect a guest's peace of mind and pleasure. Podium, Imperium, Vanilia, RoxySpa и BarbieSpa - is a combo of the girls' skills and the atmosphere of the place.

Podium Erotic salon services Podium in the center of Moscow (

Address: Moscow, Molchanovka 18

This massage parlor differs from the others in its variety of beautiful girls. There are blue-eyed blondes with angelic appearance, as if from a modeling show. Victoria's Secret. They are gentle and affectionate. Your attention will be captured passionate  devilishly hot brunettes or you will be charmed by  from the hot and red-headed beasts. Each of them has passed the appropriate courses before they start their work. Even gourmands will find something for themselves and enjoy a session of erotic massage.

Imperium Erotic massage in an erotic massage parlor Imperium (

Пat: Moscow, Myasnitskaya 41B

The atmosphere and interior of the salon have been long and reverently created by designers, decorators and specialists in various fields. It has everything for excellent relaxation and leisure with an incredible climax at the end.

You can enjoy a massage in the jacuzzi, sauna and special bed. Slightly dimmed light and pleasant relaxing scents from candles and aroma lamps will help you to get away from everyday problems and constant fuss. Allow yourself an unforgettable relaxation.

Vanilia Salon of erotic massage "Vanilia" in Moscow (

Address: Moscow, Myasnitskaya 8/2, building 1

Only premium quality products are used here. All oils and creams have been chosen with the utmost care. Fragrances and textures can give not only positive effects, but also negative ones. That is why each guest is asked what effect he or she wants to get the most from the session. You can relax and enjoy the moment or get a sea of positive emotions and incredible energy.

RoxySpa Salon of erotic massage Roxy spa in Moscow - Roxy spa (

Address: Moscow, Petrovka 17, building 2

An incredible and varied program awaits you. Body massage, lesbian show, lingam massage, sakura branch, erotic massage for couples to intensify your feelings, and much more you can see on the website of the salon. The administrator will be happy to advise and recommend something especially for you. Do not miss the unique opportunity to get pleasure and bliss for yourself and your body.

BarbieSpa Salon of erotic massage "Barbie spa" in Moscow Barbie spa

Address: Moscow, Kalanchevskaya 32/58, building 1

Many people think that an erotic massage parlor will only allow you to feel the climax and get fleeting pleasure and ineffective. But this is far from the case. Many techniques are aimed at maintaining and improving the health and emotional state of the guest. In today's world, people have a lot of psychological turmoil, and because of this we are under constant stress. To prevent the risks of disease we need to rest and relax more.

Erotic massage parlors Podium, Imperium, Vanilia, RoxySpa и BarbieSpa offer you an unforgettable time with experienced masters, pleasant atmosphere, premium products and programs for all tastes for incredible emotions and passionate climax. All the information you can look at the sites or call the administrator. Give yourself the pleasure!


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