Visa to Greece will become more accessible

Visa to Greece will become more accessibleThe Greeks agreed to simplify the visa regime with countries outside the eurozone. The economic crisis forced the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a command to all its embassies to make it easier for many categories of citizens to obtain Schengen visas to Greece. Since Russia is not Europe, the facilitated obtaining of visas to Greece should also apply to some categories of citizens of our country.

The Greeks want, especially now, to be visited more often. Therefore, they came up with the idea that now multiple visas (from 6 months to 5 years) will be received by Russians who often come to Greece and are considered trustworthy.

This is a very successful marketing solution, according to many economists. If, indeed, the Greeks everywhere follow the new rules, then the tourist flow, with the issuance of five-year visas, to this country will increase significantly. Many tourists will specially go to Greece several times, so that later they will not suffer with obtaining visas for five whole years.

In addition, the processing time for requests required to obtain a visa has also been reduced. Now it will take no more than two days.

The Greek embassy is also considering the option that visas for children under 12, students, and organized groups of schoolchildren will be issued free of charge. They will also make concessions in issuing visas to scientists, but not to everyone, but to those who are going to conduct some kind of scientific research in Greece. It will also affect the simplification of obtaining visas, and young people under 25 years old who will travel to this country for sports competitions, creative competitions or concerts.

Judging by the statistics of Rostourism, in 2011 613,000 Russian citizens visited Greece. Now Greece ranks eighth in the ranking of countries visited by Russian tourists. Egypt, Turkey, Spain, China, Germany, Finland and Thailand are ahead of it.

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