Top 5 places for lake fishing in Thailand

Fishing in Thailand

Thailand is a large and rich enough water country. Fish can be caught on almost any body of water. Of course, not everyone can catch a trophy, but it is possible to quench your thirst for fishing. The most famous bodies of water in Thailand are considered:

Ratchabui Lake, which has a very official second name - "Monster Lake". The reservoir is located 180 km from Pattaya, covers an area of 80 hectares with depths up to 5-10 meters. The reservoir is inhabited by almost all species of fish found in Thailand and is considered the only place in the country where the Mekong catfish is not classified as a rare fish. Most of the country's records for the largest freshwater fish have been set in this body of water. In addition to the Mekong catfish, the Siamese carp, giant snake, pike, arapaima, red-tailed catfish and other fish, including the local species of piranha, feel comfortable in the reservoir.

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Fishing in Thailand

2. Pattaya Fishing Park is an artificial pond located in close proximity to the popular resort of Pattaya. This paid reservoir specializes in breeding Mekong catfish.

3. Cheo Lan Lake, which is actually a reservoir, is the most beautiful place in the kingdom, which is under the personal patronage of the king. Fishing is only one of the recommended activities at this reservoir. You can catch big snakehead as well as tropical bass and Mekong catfish.

4. Chalong is a popular fishing lake in the vicinity of Phuket. The lake is inhabited by the largest freshwater fish of Thailand - Mekong catfish, Siamese carp, but the chip of this water body is considered Asian snakehead and South American arapaima. You can catch fish weighing up to 30 kilograms.

Fishing in Thailand

5. Sabai is another lake near Phuket. It is located in a picturesque area, equipped with all necessary infrastructure. Trick of the pond - catching piranha species that live here (up to 3 kg). In the pond also caught catfish, Siamese and Chinese variety of carp, arapaima.
In addition to the above bodies of water in the country, you can find many little-known among tourists ponds, where you can also catch a trophy, exotic fish.

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