Sex tourism in Thailand. Myth or reality?

Sex tourism in Thailand. Myth or reality?Sex tourism in Thailand. Myth or reality? When we hear the common phrase "sex tourism", the beautiful sunny country of Thailand is the first thing that comes to mind! However, the Thai government, despite the prevailing opinion, is struggling hard to develop as much as possible a relaxed family vacation in the country.

But it's no secret that Thailand is a paradise for the most real debauchery, where there is no place for shyness, complexes, and sometimes even morality.

Holidays in Thailand are beautiful. And it's not even because it's a country of free manners and relationships. But often, tourists who go there are quite "overfed" with various myths and stories about "sex tourism". Today we will try to get to the bottom of this.

So, let's begin!

MYTH #1: The legalization of prostitution.

Prostitution in this country, strange as it may sound, is forbidden by law, and no one is allowed to have sexual relations before the age of 18. One must remember that it is almost impossible to guess the age of a Thai woman. At 14, they can look as young as 23. And those who seem to be quite young can have several children and be over 30. However, it is very rare to see underage girls who earn their living with their bodies on the street. The police, as a rule, immediately stop such phenomena.

Myth #2: Sexual services are for men only.

Women who come to Thailand for sexual pleasures may at first be very disappointed. At first glance on the street you can see only prostitutes and transvestites. But the beautiful half of humanity in this case is not spared. Prostitution men in Thailand are also engaged along with women. But they are not found on the streets, but if you have a great desire, you can find them without any problems. They are preferred mainly by Englishwomen, Germans and Italians. The Russian girls have a big preference for the Turks and Egyptians.

MYTH #3: A beautiful Thai woman is bound to be a transvestite.

For some reason in Russia it is commonly believed that girls in Thailand are short, stocky, and shiny. This is partly true, but only in the world where they sell their bodies. In everyday life, Thai women, just like women in other countries, who work in the civil service, stewardesses and other ordinary places, are not unattractive, but are well-groomed beautiful women who are not victims of plastic surgery.

MYTH #4: They only sell sex.

Yes, of course that is their primary goal. But a close observation of prostitutes gives the impression that they are like real geishas. A Thai woman will have no trouble portraying devotion, love, and the appearance of a real romance. This is why prostitutes are often hired here for almost the entire duration of the vacation. The especially touching picture is when an elderly European man strolls along the quay gently embracing the Thai woman, admiring the waves. Prostitutes in this country know how to "love". And it doesn't matter if they love one man today and the other tomorrow. The main thing is for the money!

Myth #5: Thai massage is always erotic in nature.

This opinion is fundamentally wrong. Thai massage has never been vulgar. In massage parlors in Thailand it is not only not accepted, it is simply unacceptable. And any hint of providing erotic services would be offensive to them.

MYTH #6: Thailand has the cheapest safe sex.

The claim that sex services here are the cheapest of all other countries is true. The savings are quite tangible. But we should never forget possible cases of infections that are not even known to the medical profession in Russia. Doctors are powerless in this case, and many have to return to this corner of paradise, but already in order to cure an exotic "sore" from the local luminaries of medicine. So big savings on cheap sex can turn into huge expenses on treatment by foreigners.

Generally speaking, on the subject of "sex tourism", it is safe to say that Thailand is a great place where you can buy almost anyone (based on the offer, of course). The options for girls for girls, boys for boys and traditional preferences here are simply inexhaustible. Everything can only be limited by your imagination and the limits of what is allowed. You should always remember that many hotels prohibit bringing prostitutes to the rooms, so this point should be clarified in advance.

And of course the most important thing - never forget about your health and the health of your loved ones. After all, they are truly waiting for your return from vacation and faithfully love you!

In conclusion, I want to tell you about the most important myth, which 100 percent turned out to be true. Thailand - the perfect place to feel immensely happy. Snow-white beaches with gorgeous waves, stunning exoticism and watermelon necks - all this is pure truth. And if even you are not interested in "sex tourism", this country is definitely worth coming to!

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