Isle of Solitude or Divers Island: How to Choose

Ko Kud

Koh Kood or Koh Chang: which is better choose in Thailand? To answer this question, let's take a closer look at what experiences each of them can give.

Koh Kood: an island of solitude and relaxation

contemplating the perfect

Every place on Earth has its own character. In the case of Koh Kood, it can be described in such words: “solitude”, “relaxation”, “contemplation”, “fabulous beauty of nature”. All the main impressions and pleasures that await tourists are connected precisely with this.


The island remains one of the most picturesque corners of Thailand. But, apparently, he will not be able to hold out in this status for long. Until recently, his landscapes and way of life were exactly the same as 100 years ago.

Many travelers came here to, as if by a time machine, go back hundreds of years into the past.

But now the resort began to be actively built up and modified. Therefore, if everything said at the beginning is of interest, you should hurry with the trip.

The sea is like paradise

This place was created for true connoisseurs of beach holidays. If you collect a collection of the most popular beach-themed computer screensavers, 50% will have some piece of Koh Kuda.

koh kood island in thailand

The sea here is the cleanest - you will not find this on any of the major islands of Thailand. There are many beaches, they are large and diverse. But the main thing that attracts people here is heavenly panoramic views. Their aesthetics are mesmerizing, it seems as if you are not on Earth, but in some unrealistically wonderful place.

But being "original" has its downsides. So, advanced lovers of snorkeling and diving are unlikely to be interested here - both services are undeveloped.

Relax, just relax

When you decide what to go where - on Koh Kood or Koh Chan, be sure to note that the first of these islands is a place where there are few people. After six in the evening, life calms down, and you will have to invent entertainment yourself.

ko kood

This resort attracts people practicing meditative relaxation, yoga, Buddhism, introspection, as well as everyone who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle, stay in silence and feel like the only person in the world on a deserted beach. Retreats and healing practices for small groups are often organized here. You can join them if your language skills allow.

walk in paradise

Do not count on excursions with exciting dynamics - you can drive the entire island in an hour. But leisurely walks and interesting places are guaranteed. As well as amazing photos.

klong yai ki

What can you see here:

  • Start at the waterfall of the Non-Aligned Movement - Klong Chao. It is smaller than those that can be seen on Koh Chang, but its admission is free. In the lake at the foot, tourists swim or watch swimming fish - the water is crystal. True, in the hot season, the jet of the incident source often dries up.
  • Another popular island waterfall is Klong Yai Ki. It is also very picturesque, but smaller than the previous one, and from June to the end of August there is practically no water in the pool.

Buddha is waiting for the fishermen

In the fishing village of Ao Yai, early in the morning you can look at what life was like for anglers hundreds of years ago - nothing has changed since then. It is a very interesting sight to see how boats with nets appear from the sea fog from all sides. Reminds me of a picture from an exciting action movie.

fishing villages in ko kude

In another village, Ao Salad (called the coconut lagoon), there is a Thai souvenir shop and a restaurant serving the freshest seafood. But the most interesting thing about it is the statue of a big Buddha in the local temple. She looks at the water as if waiting for the return of the fishermen.

There is also a high observation tower with bells. Tourists can make a wish and ask the monks for permission to call them.

If they allow, it is believed that the plan will come true. It is also interesting to come here on the days of Buddhist holidays - you will see a colorful spectacle.

tree 500 years old

And finally, it is worth seeing the 500-year-old Mako tree called Dtohn Maai Yai, as well as visiting rubber and coconut plantations. The locals are friendly and will definitely let you try yourself as a harvester.

Koh Chang: a combination of civilization and beauty

Symbiosis of everything you need

The character of this place is a little different. In terms of dynamism, it does not reach the most popular islands in Thailand - Phuket and Koh Samui, but is much more active than the previous version.

ko chang

Civilization has already come here: supermarkets and ATMs, cinemas and karaoke bars. But at the same time, there are no multi-storey buildings, and there is only one normal road, and then with calm traffic. Here you can live in the western, well-maintained part of the island, and take a bike and ride in the east along secluded beaches with stunning views.

For lovers of the exotic

A chain of mountains runs along the middle line of the island, and 70% the entire territory is occupied by the jungle with many birds and animals. Extreme amateurs practice climbing the largest peak (744 meters) or hiking in the rainforest with a local guide.

jungle koh chang

For the absolutely desperate, they offer extreme entertainment “Flight of the Gibbon over the Jungle” - descent from the mountain peak over the trees by cable car. There are several observation platforms on the mountains, from where an interesting view opens. Although, of course, not the same as in Pattaya (the landscape is covered with ridges).

The most interesting opportunities, unlike Koh Kuda, open up for professional divers:

  1. These places are home to the rarest tiger shark, which many pros dream of seeing, and giant clams.
  2. Two sunken ships rest at a depth, to which you can go down with a guide. And in the sea, good visibility is up to 20 meters, and coral reefs are found after the first five. 

Therefore, this place is often called the "island of divers." For those who are just taking their first steps, there is a dive school and the opportunity to start with snorkeling.

The sea is a bottomless world

Koh Chang is part of the Marine Reserve, so the state finances the cleaning of the beaches, they are quite clean and well-groomed here, with magnificent views. Although, of course, they cannot be compared with the pristine state of the coastlines of the first island. Choosing where to go Koh Chang or Koh Kood - take this into account.


Boat trips on a kayak are common - national Thai boats. Tourists fish from them. Water skiing, surfing and always calm water in the lagoons are the main advantages of Koh Chang. Here you can also swim with elephants on elephant farms. Well, or just ride these huge animals. By the way, the name of the resort itself is translated as “island of elephants”.

Tours and shows

There are more architectural joys for the eyes. A picturesque Chinese temple with “dragon scale” staircase railings, a Mediterranean-style Orthodox church, bright red and green Buddhist temples, one of which stands “in an open field”.


Making a choice what to prefer - Koh Chang or Koh KoodLook out for entertainment. On the island of elephants, they still pay attention to this.

Muay Thai fights are common, which capture even those who are not a fan of power sports. Between the beaches of Pearl and Chai Chet there is a place where snake and crocodile shows are shown.

On White Sand Beach, after dark, a separate nightlife unfolds. Here you will find fire shows, and discos, and country races, and reggae parties, and other entertainments. Lonely Beach is a place of evening relaxation for young people and bohemians. Lots of club music, DJ performances, full moon parties. No one sleeps until the morning!

Where are the prices lower: on the island of Koh Chang or Koh Kood?

They are approximately the same. Koh Kood is a little higher, as the infrastructure is less developed, there are fewer offers, and the island itself is smaller and less crowded.

houses koh chang

Get ready for the fact that there will be no cheap accommodation on both islands. There are no budget places in hotels. For a thousand baht per day, you can rent an economy class bungalow or a hotel room of the same status in high season.

There are options cheaper for a couple of hundred baht, but they do not even mean a fan and are located in the depths of the island, far from the beaches.

A three-star hotel for 1 person will cost from 1200 baht per day, four stars - from 3000, five stars - from 12000.

Koh Kood and Koh Chang: which is better? Summary

So, let's sum up. If you are an active adventurer, we think you have already understood that the leisurely philosophy of Koh Kood will bore you pretty quickly. While people are more calm, connoisseurs of aesthetics and nature, it will give the pleasure of feeling like Robinson Crusoe on deserted beaches.

All the rest - travelers without pronounced predilections - will choose what is closer to them themselves. After all, much depends on the mood and state of mind at the moment! Have a nice experience!

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