Attractions and hotel reservations in Thailand

In any country, there are many places to visit. What is there to see in Thailand? The country's capital, Bangkok, is rich in historical monuments, and early hotel reservation in Thailand will allow you to get acquainted with many of them. The main tourist attraction is the Golden Buddha Temple, which houses a huge statue of Buddha made of pure gold, weighing about five and a half tons. Bangkok is the residence of the kings of Thailand - the Great Royal Palace, as well as the magnificent temple complex of Wat Po with a large statue of the reclining Buddha.

In the suburbs of Bangkok is Nakhon Pathom, one of the largest monuments to Buddha. The monument is almost one hundred and thirteen meters high.

The city of Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand from 1350 to 1776. The ruins of palaces, majestic temples and fortresses are an indication of the former greatness of the Thai republic.

One hundred kilometers from Bangkok you can find the Ark with the footprint of the Buddha - Phra Buddha-Bat, and two hundred kilometers away is the national park Khao-Ya. This is a huge area where tigers, elephants, rhinoceros birds, bears and other animals live. Beautiful noisy waterfalls, a variety of flowers and trees will make a visit to the park truly unforgettable.

Attractions and hotel reservations in Thailand The southern part of Thailand is famous for the fact that it was here and only there still exists nang talung or shadow theater.

To the north of the Capital is a crocodile farm, as well as the Ancient Capital of Siam - Ayutthaya. The temples "Panam-Choeng" and "Chao Mongkol" are especially popular with tourists. Bang Pa Ying Palace is stunningly beautiful.

The uniqueness and charm of northern Thailand lies in the beautiful mountain scenery, colorful folk festivals, and green forests with elephants. The people who live in the area are friendly. It is here that the famous and unique Mahaktat and Si Chum with the largest sculpture of Buddha can be found.

The main city of Northern Thailand is Chiang Mai. It was founded in a verdant valley, one hundred feet above sea level. In the city there are many ancient temples, settlements of Burmese-Tibetan origin, in the distant past - nomadic. Chiang Mai is famous for the products of traditional craftsmen, and an abundance of beautiful women, as you can see for yourself by selecting a hotel reservation in Thailand in advance. A hundred kilometers from the city is the highest summit of Thailand - Mount Don Inthanon.

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